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Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos prosecuted for the insult by his girlfriend’s brother

Amazon's Jeff Bezos prosecuted for the insult by his girlfriend's brother

Michael Sanchez refuses to provide nude pictures to National Enquirer

In January, Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez reach a company occasion in Mumbai, India.

Chief executive officer of deceptively appealing the brother gave bold pictures to the National Enquirer, as the brother of Lauren Sanchez and theme of media mention that he was a basis for the Enquirer’s bold report last year showing the relationship of his sister and Bezos.

Michael Sanchez, the brother of Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend, prosecuted the Inc. Creator for offense, claiming his legislatures spread dishonest stories to news openings that Sanchez offered nude graphic pictures of Bezos to the media.

In this complaint, submitted on Friday in California state court in Los Angeles, defendant Gavin de Becker also got mentioned. He is a safety advisor appointed by Bezos. An aptitude director Sanchez, mention de Becker works with Bezos to feast untruthful declarations about the civic revelation of Bezos’ relations with Lauren Sanchez, Sanchez’s sister.

A lawyer for Bezos said, “My client has chosen to address this lawsuit in court and we will do that soon.” A lawyer representing Sanchez provided a statement on her behalf. It said, “Michael is my older brother. He secretly provided my most personal information to the National Enquirer—a deep and unforgivable betrayal.”

 He secretly gave my most private info to the National Enquirer, and it is a highly and unpardonable disloyalty.” He hurt my family and me due to this new false and dishonest claim, and we are accepting that he will be in peace now by doing this. 

Sanchez’s claim admits that he supported advertise the concern as trying to appear in top news about this relationship. His claim alarms what he states was a secret plan of Bezos and de Becker to guilt Sanchez for changing over nude graphic pictures, which Sanchez refuses to do.

The people who are aware of Sanchez’s matter with the tabloid mentioned that he displayed a below-the-belt selfie of Bezos to the Enquirer, without giving a copy, but change all other images as well. This matter spread into an international debate, and now concerning claims that Saudi Arabia’s top prince contributed in a hack of Bezos’ handset and an inquiry by the central prosecuting attorney in New York.

Saudi Arabia refused from this claim, and the story did not connect Saudi Arabia’s suspicious activities to the Enquirer report.

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