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Bellabeat Taps Jeppe Christiansen as New Board Member


The wellness sector is one of the fastest-growing parts of the lifestyle industry. As technology improves, there are more products and services in the market that cater to niche or underserved demographics. While some of these firms are very specific in the market that they serve, they are expanding at an impressive rate and seeing greater public support. 

One of the latest developments in this regard is with Bellabeat, a data-driven wellness company that has seen a change in management. As per a recent press release, Jeppe Christiansen will be joining the company as a member of its board. 

All About Christiansen

According to the press release, Christiansen has an outstanding professional history. He is an economist with a Master’s Degree in Economics from the elitarian University of Copenhagen and also boasts of several decades of professional experience prior to this new role. 

His most recent role is as the CEO of Maj Invest, a Copenhagen-based asset management company that he founded in 2004. He was also re-elected as vice-chair of Novo Nordisk in March 2020. Novo Nordisk is a Danish multinational pharmaceutical company with production facilities in eight and offices in five countries. In 2019, Novo Nordisk’s revenue amounted to roughly $19.2 billion.

Needless to say, he has significant experience at the helm of new companies trying to break into an industry and this experience will likely prove valuable for Bellabeat. This will also not be the only board position that he holds as he is a board member of KIRKBI, the parent organization of The Lego Group, one of the leading toy manufacturers worldwide.

His career as an economist and an investment manager began in 1986 and this new role with Bellabeat is another notch on his belt. 

Bellabeat and the New Wellness Market

In this day and age, where online infrastructures allow vast customization, consumers are turning to companies that offer services tailored to their specific needs. This, predominantly, includes companies in the health sector offering custom meal plans, weight loss programs, or mental health services. This new era is based on the understanding that customers are unique and a one-size-fits-all approach is bound to fail.

This is exactly where Bellabeat steps in. The beauty firm has, since its inception four years ago, worked to deliver cutting-edge designs in the wellness tracking sector. It has taken even more steps in this direction by offering personalized wellness programs for women. 

Bellabeat works, among other things, by taking data regarding customers’ menstrual cycles and crafting custom wellness plans around them. The system uses 50,000 new data sets per user and allowing them to reach their goals in accordance with their cycle. As no two menstrual cycles are exactly the same, no two plans are the same. As such, each woman’s hormonal cycle is taken into consideration. 

The results of this system speak for themselves as Bellabeat cuts the time needed to reach those goals by up to 40 percent. As per the company’s data, Bellabeat has facilitated over 6.4 million workouts with 3 million goals being achieved every day. 

The Changing Role of Tech

In addition to the fact that businesses like Bellabeat leverage technology to serve their customers, the role of tech within the wellness industry is changing to encourage better mental health and less screentime. Bellabeat has stated that they are striving towards a future where technology is invisible and aids wellness without centering itself.

As per their website, they try to avoid hounding their users with constant notifications and screens. This means less screen time is being pushed on their customers. While many within and outside the etch world might see this as counterproductive, others feel that allowing technology to do its work without being at the forefront is the best and healthiest way to integrate it into human life. It also helps to foster inclusivity, as in the case of Bellabeat. 

By ethically leveraging user data, Bellabeat is able to not only create innovative products that benefit its audience but can also help to shed the stigma around discussing menstruation and menstrual cycles. 

This new addition of Jeppe Christiansen brings in very valuable experience and expertise to the company. This, in turn, will help Bellabeat continue to innovate and disrupt the wellness sector. 

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