Can My Dog Eat Potatoes And Other Root Crops?


Having pet dogs is not that simple. You have to learn ways on how to take care of them. You also have to make sure you are giving them their needs and put them away from potential harm. Make them safe during training and exercise, make them look beautiful by grooming them, and of course make them healthy by feeding them foods good for them. 


There are a lot of things you can do together with feeding your dogs. Following are some:

Inculcate Training When Feeding

Basic obedience and behavior training can be done when you feed your dogs. It can be done by making them wait for your go signal before they could start eating – it is called conditioning. You may make your dog sit in front of his food for a moment before saying “go” and let them eat their food (see more). 

Do not let your dog eat if he is not obedient in the first place with your “wait” command. By doing this, your dog would also know the importance of obeying for them to have their meal (which could be considered a reward). 

Follow Proper Schedule

In giving food to your dog, it should be at the “right time”. You should put it on schedule so your canine will understand the proper time for a meal and not eat anytime they want. It is also one way to discipline them. Also, it will make them appreciate their meal and not play with it. 

Give Them The Right Food 

If you love your dogs, you need to make sure they are healthy and well taken care of. Having said that, you need to make sure you are giving them the right foods. 

Aside from dog foods, you may also feed them with human foods but make sure it’s good for them, not something that may harm them. 

Following Are Human Food That You Should Avoid Feeding Your Dogs:


Almonds are hard nuts that, if not chewed well, may tear their pharynx or may cause choking to your dog if stuck in his throat. 


Even if it is not toxic, it may irritate your dog’s mouth if consumed. Aside from that, if it’s powdered and inhaled by your dog, he may experience difficulty in breathing. He may also cough or even choke to death!


Your dogs are not zombies but garlic is not good for them. Garlic is multiple times more toxic to dogs than the rest of its kinds like chives and onions. It may poison your dogs and you need to keep watch of them closely if you suspect that they have eaten garlic because the poisoning symptoms are delayed. 

Other Foods To Avoid: Ice Cream And Macadamia Nuts 

There are also questions from new dog owners about feeding their canines root crops. One specific root crop that was questioned was potatoes (this pet parent is asking because he has a potato plantation and he wants to see if he could have extra savings by feeding his crops to his dogs). We’ll check on it a little further. 

Potato In Your Canines Diet

So, can our dogs eat potatoes? The answer is – yes, as long as it is cooked without seasoning and given rarely. 

Raw potatoes should never be given to your dogs because they contain solanine, a glycoalkaloid poison that can be found in nightshade family plant species together with tomatoes and eggplant.  So, for the dog owner who owns a potato plantation, watch your dog closely. 

When potatoes are cooked, the amount of solanine is reduced making them safe for consumption. However, if you feed your dogs’ cooked potatoes, make sure not to fry them in oil, also, do not put butter and do not season it because it will cause an upset stomach to your dogs and would make them feel sick. 

There are also benefits that a dog may get from potatoes because they are rich in carbohydrates and potassium and it also is an antioxidant that helps with the prevention of diseases. 

Other root crops a dog may eat include water chestnuts, carrots, sweet potatoes, beets, taro, yucca, parsnips, cassavas, ginseng, ginger, and turnips. Check more on this link.

It is still important to check with your dog’s veterinarian for any concerns regarding your pet so he will give you the right prescription and advice.

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