Coinipop Presents How to Buy BTC Before the Next Halving

Bitcoin Halving Effects On Miners And Tips on How They Can Survive The Event

How to Buy BTC

Right now Hype grows around Bitcoin. Why? For what? And we’ve only experienced an event that only occurs once every four years — and something that only happened twice since 2009 was born the world’s largest cryptoasset.

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As unusual as an eclipse, a World Cup and your best friend buying you a beer, the Bitcoin halving is creating a lot of excitement in crypto circles. You guys at home seem to be a lot more curious about it too. Data from Google Trends shows how since mid-March more people have been looking for data about this.

Here, we’ll explain what the Bitcoin halving really is, and if you’ve never dabbled in crypto before, take a look at how and where you can buy it, and why some people think it’s a good time to do so now.

What Is a Bitcoin Halving?

Let’s go back a second and look at how the halving of Bitcoin works. His mysterious founder Satoshi Nakamoto determined in all their infinite wisdom that there will only be just 21 million BTC in the ledger of the Bitcoin network.

Under the rules of Bitcoin, new coins are slowly released into the market as they are mined with the production of new blocks, and those mining these new coins (and making new blocks of Bitcoin) are rewarded with the mining. However, to keep the release of new coins slow and steady, every 210,000 blocks the reward of the miners is cut by 50 per cent.

Why Halvings Are Exciting

Alright. You’re probably nodding along at this point and maybe you’re tempted to shrug a little. That’s because we’ve still not come to the most important section.

The first-ever Bitcoin halving case took place on 28 November 2012 — cutting bonuses at $12 each to just 25 BTCs. But just look where they were a year later. Dusting off the CMC archives, we can see that Bitcoin’s price on that date in 2013 stood at $1,031.95. That’s an 8.500 percent annual increase for Bitcoin price, the kinds of returns that would make most Wall Street investors faint.

How to Buy Bitcoin

You may be talking about diversifying your portfolio to put in other asset classes with the financial markets taking a hammering of late. Bitcoin could be an option — but it’s not without risks, as we’ve seen. Prices for the moon will hit and fall back down to Earth even in the same week.

When you are looking for Bitcoin to get your hands on, note that you don’t have to mine it yourself. Mining requires specialized machinery and extremely high energy consumption rates and in any case just 2.625 million of BTC’s 21 million supply would be left to be discovered out there.

Bitcoin has become much easier to buy with your dollars and pounds particularly over the last few years. Coinipop will connect up with your bank account for speedy deposits, both in general and in Bitcoin exchanges. Coinipop seek to support newcomers by embracing debit and credit cards as a means of payment.

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