Seeing a Dentist After Coronavirus Lockdown

Seeing a Dentist After Coronavirus Lockdown

It appears to be the end of the Coronavirus Lockdown 2020. A lot of people will soon (if they haven’t already) trek back to work, the hair salon, and even to their doctors. Whoever thought they’d miss their dentist?!

Dr. Gabe Rosenthal, Los Angeles cosmetic dentist says to expect a few changes as we head back to the dental chair. First and foremost, expect to see a lot of protective equipment. Dr. Gabe says that you’ll see so many masks and disposable gowns that even the front desk staff will be adorned in the latest PPE (personal protective equipment).

Especially at first, the waiting room will be different. “Right now the goal is to keep the waiting room empty or to have one patient in there,” says Dr. Gabe. Rather than loading the schedule, dentists will treat one patient to start to finish before starting a new procedure. It’s easier to maintain a “sterile and safe” environment and reduce cross-contamination risks when it is one patient at a time. The appointments will be more spaced out, so make sure not to miss your spot or be late. “I personally never penalized a missed appointment, but not we can only see a few patients a day”. Patients will have to show up “or they are really hurting the practice”. 

Another thing you’ll start to see in offices: air purifiers. Vacuum systems or air purifiers will be in many rooms in the office to contain aerosols and droplets. Lastly, you’ll be questioned and even tested before sitting in the chair for fever or any common Coronavirus symptoms. Now more than ever, if you feel sick please stay home. Otherwise, welcome back to the office!

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