Collagen Factory Releases a Wide Range of Beauty Products for Women


With proprietary formulae, Collagen Factory has released a wide range of products that cater to the needs of women of all age groups. The company has grown exponentially in recent years, while the leaders of the company have been attempting for a global reach.

In a recent event, Malaysia’s one of the fastest-growing startups, Collagen Factory, has released a wide range of products that meet the international standards. The array of products includes breast creams, brightening serums, and pigmentation creams, among others. Breast cream has attracted global attention and is one of the most successful products provided by the company. 

Furthermore, the cream for stretch marks has also garnered awe and appraisal from mothers from all across the globe. In conversation with the CEO of the company, the chief leader appeared to be optimistic about the growth prospects. The company has been evolving rapidly and has clients all across the globe. The primary importance is being led to the quality of products and services as the company plans to expand all around the world.

The company enjoys support from major investors and has successfully established a dynamic supply chain. The robust supply chain is the backbone of the entire company, and hence, much importance is being led on the same. The company lays much emphasis on the packaging, too, and one of the best packaging all across the globe.

The prices have been kept affordable too. The increasing loyal customer segment signal that Collagen Factory has met the expectations. The rise in awareness and the demand for beauty products has worked in favor of the company as the company plans to penetrate even the most remote corners across the nation. The investors also showed a belief in the company’s growth potential and hence had been waiting eagerly to invest in the growth prospects of the company.   Some of their most popular products are Collagen Golden brightening & Anti-ageing soap (ISBN 0085783567155), Collagen Beauty breast cream (ISBN 0731717842804), Collagen Anti hairfall serum (ISBN 0731717842828), Collagen stretch marks cream (ISBN 0731717842798), Collagen beauty body whitening serum (ISBN 0099854824610),Collagen brightening serum (ISBN 0731717842811), Collagen pigmentation cream (ISBN 0731717842835).

About the Company

Collagen Factory Cosmetics SDN BHD is one of the leading brands, located in the heart of Malaysia. The company is run by some of the most eligible hands, which come with years of experience. On the other hand, the range of offerings has attracted customers all across the globe, who have been loving the products up to the extreme. Collagen Factory products can be considered to be Asia’s most expensive beauty products made with natural ingredients along with a Secret Germany formulation.

Contact Details
Name- Dr. RAD
Email- [email protected]
Website: www.collagenfactory.com

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