Nadim Zidan believes Gulnora Mukhedinova is quite an Inspiration for the industry!


Well-known of his support to women empowerment, the Syrian businessman Nadim Zidan saves no occasion to highlight shining examples, and success stories of great women around the world that have proven themselves, and created an outstanding success

Why women empowerment
“we live in a very fast developing world, where financial crisis and wars are hitting many regions, putting more pressure on women to survive among such crazy fight on power and wealth” said Zidan

“it is our duty to support all the initiatives of individuals or groups, that can help highlight the focus on women empowerment, creating more fair chances to them, supporting all efforts towards their deserved success, and most importantly, be proud of this success, and spread the good word about it, for they are the leaders of our communities, and the co-builders of our civilization” he added 

Success stories that inspired Nadim Zidan
“That’s not fair to be briefed and I will have to share as many as I can, for they deserve to be widely known, of their success, and dedication towards what they do” said Zidan when we asked him about a success story of a business lady or a community leader that inspired him

We admired his enthusiasm and passion towards helping young talents to find the right way at their related business domains, art or even modelling or makeup careers, using his social media and traditional media influences to support them and put them on the right track of success, or spotting the lights on industries leaders that built an inspiring success as Zidan loves to describe it

About Gulnora Mukhedinova
“when I heard her story, from the day she started her passion of beauty, and fashion, until building her Baravia Empire, I thought I am watching a blockbuster Hollywood Movie, or a Turkish hit, but it was all a true story of a successful business woman, and a great personality that is paying back the community, and setting an example to all ladies, that women success can have no limits, if done with dedication, and belief”

That’s how Zidan described the famous business lady that has built her fashion and beauty brand in Dubai Bavaria by Gulnora Mukhedinova who is a beauty and fashion icon, International Peace Ambassador and owner of Baravia Beauty Center Dubai. 

She launched Baravia Beauty Center in 2015 and Baravia Fashion in 2018, and designed her first collections as a tool intended to connect feminism with elegance and ultimate luxury. 

she was also awarded the Kotinos International Award, which was in collaboration with the United Nations International Charitable Organization and the World Sand Foundation, for being the Best New Fashion Designer for 2018

The duty
“it is my ultimate joy, to be part of creating a success story, or telling the world about one, and will always be part of women empowerment efforts with all the tools and sources that I have” were Zidan’s last words to us, promising to share more stories with us, allowing more successful women be widely recognized

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