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Combat Learning Loss During Covid-19 with Online Tutoring

Combat Learning Loss During Covid-19

Many schools around the work have had to shut their doors and directed their students to online learning platforms. Some schools are well-financed and adequately equipped to offer online courses while others are at the opposite end of the spectrum. This means that most student’s education is being compromised by an under-resourced learning environment. 

This article takes a look at some of the top reasons to invest in online tutoring both during and after the pandemic. 

Tutoring Takes Pressure Off the Parents

Once schools closed, parents were left with the difficult task of trying to juggle work while helping kids with school. Most workplaces have also been forced to shut down and parents are now working from home. This becomes even more difficult when your home office is overrun with energetic and often noisy kids. Having to focus on work while helping your children to study can put a lot of stress and pressure on parents. For this reason alone, many have turned to companies that offer Sydney tutoring online. 

A professional educational resource can create a full day of tutoring where the parent is no longer involved. Parents can focus on their work responsibilities knowing that their kids are being taught by an experienced online tutor. 

More Flexibility 

In many ways, Covid-19 will forever transform the workplace. Working from home takes some time to get used to but trying to adapt to a new environment when you have kids to look after is an almost impossible task. 

This is why so many parents are turning to online tutoring. There will be times when your kids will not be able to get projects done by themselves as you are not available to assist them. When you hire an online tutor, they can create bespoke programmes to ensure your kids do not miss out. 

Online tutors are flexible, they can help your children with schoolwork and follow a course set out by themselves. Using an online tutor gives you the flexibility you do not get in a normal school environment. 

Beneficial Format

Most schools have given kids assignments and projects to complete in the hope that parents can assist them at home. In most cases, parents are either not available or not capable of helping their kids with their schoolwork. 

One of the best things about one-to-one tutoring is that children get the full attention of a teacher for a least an hour every day. Research shows that having an online tutor allows the instructor to tailor classes to the specific needs of the student. In addition to this, there is plenty of other studies highlighting the benefits of investing in one-to-one tuition

Hiring an online tutor puts your child in a low-pressure environment where they can easily thrive and stay ahead of other students. Although some schools have set up home-schooling support programmes where the teacher is online and taking classes, these classes are all group format and not as advantageous as a one-to-one session. 

We are living through a challenging phase in history and education is just one of many industries that have been hit hard by the pandemic. To ensure your kids do not fall behind or lose motivation, it makes sense to hire a professional tutor for at least a few hours a week. It takes the pressure off parents shoulders and gives them peace of mind knowing their children are being taught by an experienced educator. 

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