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Cruise Ship Accident: What to Do if You’re Injured on a Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship Accident claim answer

Going on a fun cruise along the beautiful Miami waterways is always exciting. The last thing anyone plans for in the coastal metropolis is dealing with a cruise ship accident. It can be overwhelming, but you have to take the right steps to ensure you get the maximum compensation. 

You can file an injury claim if you suffer from an injury in a cruise ship accident. A Miami boating accident attorney protects your rights and fights on your behalf. 

You can expect to receive fair compensation with an experienced attorney by your side. Read on to know what to do if you are injured on a cruise ship. 

Seek Medical Attention

Chapter 328, Florida Statutes requires cruise ships and other vessels on the Florida waters to register with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Cruise ships have a doctor on board, along with a few nurses. Additionally, pharmaceuticals must be available to treat non-emergency conditions. 

If you are injured in a cruise ship accident, seek medical help from the available resources immediately. Even if the injury appears mild, make sure to receive treatment to prevent infection, concussions, and other complications. Keep all the medical records and bills safe to serve as evidence for your injury claim. 

Report the Incident

Florida witnesses the highest number of boating accidents, including big and small vessels. Cruise ships come under the International Maritime Organization’s rules. Every cruise line requires a safety management system that investigates accidents. You can report your cruise ship accident to them and ensure that it is documented.

A systematic procedure is in place when anyone suffers from an injury on a cruise ship. You have to file an accident report to begin the investigation officially. Make sure not to give out any statement that may affect your injury claim. A boating accident attorney can help you make an accurate statement based on facts alone.

Organize Evidence

Make sure to collect and keep all the accident-related information and documents together. You can organize them in a file and keep them in a secure place. Check if it has all the reports, photographs of the incident, medical bills, records, and other bills. 

Make sure to get a copy of the passenger injury statement as well. A Miami boating accident attorney will look at your situation and the supporting documents, and use them to determine the right course of action to ensure maximum compensation. If the evidence you have is not enough, they can take measures to gather more evidence to strengthen your case. 

Track the Investigation

In Miami, boating operators must complete an approved boating education course to know the safety precautions. This is because failure to follow these regulations may lead to accidents. 

Make sure to hire a boating accident attorney to complete an investigation on your behalf. They will also interview witnesses and collect their contact details.  

Hire an efficient boating accident attorney to deal with the complexities of the injury claim after a cruise ship accident. Your lawyer fights rigorously on your behalf and ensures to get the compensation you are entitled to.

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