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Dive into London’s Thames to win a Huawei GT2

Dive into London's Thames to win a Huawei GT2

3…2…1… DIVE…

Would you like a Huawei Watch GT2? Do you like to take a dip or two in River Thames of London?…

You must be thinking, what wanting a piece of tech has to do with swimming in turbid waters of Thames? And why am I even asking these questions?

Well, if you are crazy about Huawei Watch GT2 enough that you will even take a dive in the water of river Thames than, mate, you might be in luck. The company has opened what it calls a ‘drive thru’ on Royal Victoria Dock. Watch has been spread through the bed of Thames in the area around the dock. So the divers who are bold enough take a dive and swim to the foundation of the river can pick a watch and take it home….huh…what …did I miss something? No, you don’t need to pay anything for the watch.

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The now, you’d like to know what you will get after putting your life on the line? Well, a sure 2 weeks of battery life. The watch is a top-end fitness tracker, and you can go swimming, walking, running, cycling, hiking and even sleeping, oh now we’re talking. This, along with a heart-rate tracker, GPS, sleep tracker, and Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, GT2 is the best companion for those fitness routines you follow daily. And here’s a unique feature, GT2 will alert you if it observes am the irregular heartbeat for a prolonged period, like apple watch.

And for the freebies who want to take advantage of the…whatever… a smartwatch-awarding-stunt, then the stunt will take place on the 19th of October 2019. The event, while showing off the water resistance, sporting capacities of GT2 will take place between 12 pm and 4 pm GMT. And there’s a limited number of watches available. Guys…you knew it was coming right.

Harsh Vardhan

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