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Emcee Fresh Delivers Eclectic & Message-Heavy Hip-Hop/Rap Single ‘I Love My Country’


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Texas-native Emcee Fresh returns to release his latest single, ‘I Love My Country’. The Christian hip-hop single brings over country elements to make an eclectic, must-listen single. Through ‘I Love My Country’, Emcee Fresh shows his full arsenal of talents as he seamlessly cuts the divide between genres to make something that works, and will keep people wanting more. In divisive times of the United States, Emcee Fresh delivers a single that brings comfort and unity. The infectious guitar with the groovy hip-hop beat fits Emcee Fresh’s vocal perfectly. The uplifting and message-heavy track is a testament to the versatility of Emcee Fresh as a songwriter and artist. In perfect timing for July 4th, ‘I Love My Country’ is the single that you must have at times like these. 

About Emcee Fresh

Emcee Fresh is an emerging hip-hop artist and songwriter originating from Houston, Texas. Starting at a young age, music has been part of Fresh’s life. Doing shows at the age of eighteen, Emcee Fresh quickly started making a name for himself. The rising artist delivers a unique spin to hip-hop, making it his own. His style and sound will captivate listeners around the world. The Texas native seeks to reach as many people as possible, and connect with them through his music. Having performed at various renowned venues in Texas, Emcee Fresh has the talent and skill to hook in audiences. Emcee Fresh is an artist to keep an eye on and ear out for as he is set to leave his footprint in the music scene. 

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