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Facebook – Earnings, Revenue, announcement, and Q4 results

Facebook - Earnings, Revenue, announcement, and Q4 results

Facebook reports are excellent, as were expectations for Q4 results

But due to pressure on amid slowing revenue growth, effects enhance the regulatory scrutiny. Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) made an announcement that earnings per share of 2.56$ on revenue of $21.08B. According to the expectations of analysts by that Earnings Per Share of 2.52$ on revenue of $20.88B as compared to EPS of 2.38$ on revenue of $16.91B in the same period of the last year. Facebook made a report that EPS of 2.12$ on revenue of $17.65B in the previous quarter.

The revenue of Facebook was over 25% for the quarter, thanks to better revenue per user than expected. But it reached the lowest annual pace of revenue growth rate in the past.

The stock knocked down 6.4% post-market. The average revenue per consumer was 8.52$ for the quarter, which is more than estimated revenue 8.38$. Daily active users (DAUs), one of the essential metrics that experts use to evaluate the health of the company, improved 9% from one year earlier period to 1.66B, which is above to some extent from an estimated 1.65B. Monthly active users have increased to 2.5B as expected.

Family daily people are 2.26B, with 11% as average for December 2019. Family monthly active users are 2.89B, with 9% per year. Mark Zuckerburg, the Facebook CEO, said that they had a good quarter and a happy end of the year because both their business and community are going to increase. Mark Zuckerburg, the Facebook CEO, further added that they would have to keep the focus on building services, which are very helpful for the people to stay connected to those people who they care about most.

Facebook is trying hard to uphold its growth rate at a time when a regulatory inspection on social media platforms is very to deepen. But an analyst of Haris Anwar keeps up an encouraging view on social media giant.

Anwar said that “There’s no sign of the challenges for the world’s largest social media platform will disappear any time soon. However, despite this tough operating environment and the company’s cautionary tone, the reality is that there is no other platform for advertisers as powerful or as global as Facebook is. We don’t see that that power diminishing anytime soon, which is one of the main reasons we continue to like Facebook stock, notwithstanding the ups and downs.”

The company also announced to get initiate of a $10B stock buyback program. The shares of Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) are over 8% from the start of the year and are trading at 207.56$, still downward 0.41% from its 52-week sky-scraping of 224.20$ set on January 29. They are performing well in the NASDAQ that is over 2.61% year to date.

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