Why Custom Screen Printed Shirts are more Durable as compared to Digitally Printed?

Custom Screen Printed Shirts are more Durable as compared to Digitally Printed

The world of fashion is fascinating, and it is full of unique pieces. But, within the most popular clothes, we can find custom shirts. People love the idea to put wherever they want in their shirts. 

For this reason, we can continuously find in the street thousands of crazy designs where some are weirder than others. Of course, others are almost a piece of art and surprise us a lot. But, probably at some point, you already notice that there are shirts that look better than others or buy a custom shirt that design did not last as much as you want.

It is why it is essential to know which are the different methods that different companies use at the time to custom the shirts. Among the most popular and used techniques to custom the shirts, we can find the screen printed and digitally printed. People have noticed that the screen printed method is better than the digitally printed way with the pass of time. 

However, how it can be possible that at the time to buy Custom Shirts Miami, we can find a too big difference between those two methods. Besides, there are some cases when these kinds of facts are just myths created for people. But, we can assure you that in this case, this is not a myth because it genuinely exists a difference in the quality of the shirts according to the method the company uses.

For this reason, we want to talk to you about the main reasons why the screen printed method has become the best to custom the shirts over the digitally printed process. In this way, you will notice the benefits of the screen published Custom Shirts Miami.

Which is better when we talk about saturation and brightness?

When we compare the finished of the custom screen printed shirts with digitally printed shirts, it is not too complicated to notice the big difference between them in terms of color saturation and brightness.

This significant difference is born from the materials and technic used in each method. While the digitally printed use ink-based in water, the screen-printed uses an ink called plastisol. This ink is a composition of different elements that include PVC and a plasticizing emulsion. It is essential to notice that the plastisol ink is like plastic particles that will be brighter, and the intensity of the colors will be higher.

Otherwise, with the water inks of the digitally printed, we will notice that the colors of the design we choose look pale. In this way, if we want vibrating colors full of accuracy, definitely the screen printed is the best choice. Besides, more than just the intensity of the color, we have to consider that this intensity is the feature that largely determines the appearance of the Custom Shirts Miami.

Soft to Touch

Another feature that all the users want to buy custom shirts is the sensation of touching them. It is very unpleasant to wear a shirt and feel the printed design as another part of the shirt.

In this sense, the screen printed shirts are better because practically you do not feel the design. However, we have to admit that the screen printed shirts can be soft, but they also are a little bit hot. We have to remember that the ink is plastic, and it can hinder the pass of the air through the fibers of the shirt. But it is not too significant.

With the screen printed, you have the color that you want

One of the advantages of choosing the screen-printed style to custom some shirt is the precision of the colors. Among the gamma of colors that the designers use, we can find a wide variety of colors.

In this way, it is a little bit annoying to create an incredible design and invest hours and hours choosing the perfect colors, and at the time to transfer the system to the shirt, lose all the work. The digitally printed method happens because the ink-water based does not have the same color definition as the plastisol used in the screen-printed process.

This terrible problem about the digitally printed ink happens because the ink it uses sticks to the fibers of the garments. But, the ink of the digitally printed method sticks almost exclusively to the cotton. And this represents another advantage to the screen-printed because while the digitally printed has to make it in cotton to look good, the screen printed lets you transfer your design to any fabric you want.

For this reason, if you want to customize your shirts without the concern of whether the shirt will be useful or not, the screen-printed is the perfect choice for you. After all, it does not matter if you want to custom a polyester shirt or a nylon shirt; you will customize it.

Screen printed offers you new dimensions

A considerable difference between the screen printed and the digitally printed that plays in favor of the first one are the dimensions. The digitally printed just offer flat designs that are not too creative.

Otherwise, the screen printed inks have the particularity that can create different layers. These additional layers let the designers create some effects and unique textures that you will not find with the digitally printed shirts. 

In this way, if you want to create a suede effect, you can do it with the screen printed. As you can notice, the benefits of the custom screen printed are more durable and better than the digitally printed. You can now buy your Custom Shirts Miami made with screen printed and forget about the blurry designs.

There is no sense denying that the screen printed shirts are better than the digitally printed shirts for the reasons we told you and others more. It is all about creating a fantastic design and using it without losing its essence. The screen-printed method does not limit your creativity; if not, make it real.

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