Here Is Why You Need a Disability Attorney Fighting For You


Life can be incredibly hard for many people and just because your life seems to be going pretty well at the moment, it doesn’t mean that others are enjoying the same luxury. A high number of people have experienced some kind of disability whilst working and now that they can no longer work, there seems to be less and less help for them every single day. These people have a genuine desire to go out and get a job so that they can start earning money again, but the amount of pain that they will have to go through physically just isn’t worth the price. It is essential then that our government provides a source of funds for people like this who have been paying into the system for a number of years anyway.

It seems disappointing then, that when these people make a claim for disability benefits, some are turned down because of the incredible amount of red tape and ambiguity. When a claim is denied to someone who rightfully deserves it then a battle is going to happen and so you can use your disability attorney in California to convince the people at the social security office to reconsider your application and realize that you have a genuine need for help. This is not something that you should try to do by yourself because there is a lot of knowledge needed about the system and the correct paperwork that has to be submitted. The following are some of the best reasons why you should always hire a disability attorney.

A successful claim – It’s hard to believe but around 70% of all disability claims made are denied when you first make your application. They are denied for a number of reasons which are generally due to not being happy with the evidence that you have provided for your disability or some kind of other red tape within that department. This is why you need a disability attorney fighting for you in your comment because anything that can help to increase your chances of successful disability claim needs to be embraced.

They have the experience – There is a lot to learn when it comes to disability claims then the Social Security Department and so your attorney needs to know the system from back to front and side to side. They will need to know about all of the paperwork that has to be submitted for an initial claim and then if you are turned down, for the appeals process as well. As the appeals process moves further, their arguments will become a lot more complex and a lot more evidence will be required. All of this will occur using legal jargon and as a layperson, this will be incredibly difficult for you to keep up with.

They provide results – If it is your hope to get a favorable result when it comes to your disability claim then there is a higher likelihood that you will be successful if you have a disability attorney in your corner fighting for you. They can also speed up the whole process with regards to your initial application and for any appeals that might follow. They will work hard to earn your trust like they have been doing for a number of decades now and they will also provide you with an ethical argument.

It is comforting to know that there are service providers out there that really do care about what you’re going through and who have the expertise and the knowledge to help get you a successful decision. Many of these disability attorneys can offer you a free consultation at first to give you the opportunity to explain the circumstances of your disability application and they will try to answer any questions that you might have to give you the peace of mind that you need.

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