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How to maintain hair hydration?


Conditioner, oil and hair mask are the three essential products for the hydration of men’s hair.

If you are over thirty years old, you will agree that for many years it was said that shampoo was the only product indicated for the correct hydration of male hair . All the rest – conditioners, oils, and masks – were just for women looking to have hydrated, voluminous and shiny hair. Impossible to forget those ads where they presented us with those impressive and silky manes.

Currently the idea that shampoo is our only ally for hair has remained in the past. And if you still don’t get used to the idea, it is time to integrate the combo that we mention below into your hair care routine to have hydrated and healthy hair .

In addition to the shampoo without sulfates or parabens, the one indicated to clean the hair , it is important to include moisturizers . That’s right, like the face, which you clean and then moisturize, the same applies to the hair .

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The steps to follow to know how to wash your hair correctly are:

  • During the shower wash it with shampoo and then hydrate it with conditioner .
  • Once a week apply the hair mask before, during or after the shower. We recommend before or during for convenience.
  • Finally, the hair oil is applied one to three times a week -depending on the type of hair- . Its objective is to give an extra hydration and shine. Think of it as a pro level hair wax .

Having reviewed the basics of hair hydration , we approached several experts to solve the most common doubts that men have when hydrating our hair. The conditioner is as or more important as the shampoo

What are the benefits of using conditioner?

“The conditioner is as or more important as the shampoo . This is the one that contains the active principles (hydration, color care, strength, etc.). Professional conditioners currently create a protective film on each hair to protect it unlike low-quality conditioners that thin and throw it away, ”says Leonel Sandoval, Education Manager for Kokoro MX.

In simple words, the conditioner will do the same as the moisturizer you apply to your face. And what role does hair serum play? We will answer that question later.

How often should it be conditioned?

The answer is usually quite subjective. Ideally, shampoo and conditioner always go together. Regardless of whether you wash it daily or every other day, the conditioner will always follow the shampoo. Forget the myth that it can pull or damage your hair , if you notice any negative effects when using it -which we doubt a lot-, it is best to go to a dermatologist or an expert in hair care . Avoid the most common mistakes men make when bathing.

What are the benefits of applying a mask to the hair?

First, we clarify that the hair mask will have to be indicated for hair use, not facial. The effect of this type of mask is the same as for the face, they work as a serum or boost,  since it is a super concentrated hydration. The experts at Head & Shoulders detail us below: “The masks give your hair extra hydration and care, according to your needs (fine, dry, damaged, frizzy, dyed, curly, etc.). These are usually thicker and more concentrated versions than a regular conditioner. ” Its application requires more time, as happens with the classic face masks. Forget the myth that conditioner can pull or damage hair

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What is a hair oil?

Undoubtedly of all those mentioned, hair oil is the most unknown, plus it can have several benefits. It not only hydrates hair , but also adds shine, protection and volume. Attention, if you have oily hair you should apply it moderately. Miguel Carpio, Dermocapillary therapist at Berussti Saloon, explains: “The important thing is that the formula is not made up of synthetic oils, they all have to be of natural origin. These help the hair this hydrated and serves as a thermal protector, if heating tools are used for styling as the dryer or plate hair “.

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