Illegal miner of criptomonedas is captured


A citizen of the federative republic of Dagestan, Russia, was captured for allegedly causing damage to the electrical system. It is an illegal miner of criptomonedas, who would have caused damages of almost $500,000 to the state network.

The police went this Tuesday to the arrest of the subject for 30 years. According to the reportthe event occurred in the region of Makhachkala. There, the citizens built a structure of more than 500 platforms, which were connected to the network.

The person, once installed at the site, proceeded to make the connections of the equipment. The same is pasted directly to the high voltage lines that pass near the place where he established his infrastructure.

The illegal miner of criptomonedas just enjoyed their business

It is important to note that the authorities detected the operator is illegal in very little time. Since may, the subject established your center on the third floor of a building is not residential in the area.

In place, the illegal miner began to generate criptomonedas of various denominations. Among the digital assets mined in the place include Bitcoin and other altcoins.

The entire complex of connections established by this illegal miner of criptomonedas, according to the authorities, would have cost the State about 34 million rubles, equivalent to $494.000 dollars.

Russian authorities captured illegal miner of criptomonedas in the federative republic of Dagestan.
The police services russians have practiced operations against illegal miners of criptomonedas. Source: MVD in Dagestan.

Computers seized in the operation

During the operation, carried out by the police service, officers seized numerous computers. The report speaks of a 518 mining ASIC model is not specified. According to the images, it would be S9.

In addition to mining machinery, seized tens of other equipment and materials. These include, computers, wiring, parts, and various types of tools devoted to the maintenance and installation of these devices dispensers of criptomonedas.

For its part, the illegal miner of criptomonedas, you will receive the charges of “causing property damage by fraud” and “abuse of trust”.

A string of crimes and arrests

In march, the police captured a group of 10 people in St. Petersburg. The same, were operating illegally causing losses of $200,000 per month in electricity.

The subjects had the mining equipment scattered in various locations. This upsetting the investigations of the authorities. The money obtained in criptomonedas, are traded on an Exchange abroad.

In another case, police arrested a new mining illegal of criptomonedas. It was an officer of the post office. The offender would have served for six months of the electricity of the place to mine Bitcoin.

The uncertainty of being a business legal or illegal

Russia occupies one of the top positions in terms of quantity of farms, mining. However, it is not known with precision what is the status of this business.

Authorities such as the Central Bank of Russia, have openly expressed their rejection of these virtual coins. But, at the same time, have admitted that there are no plans to ban them.

In summary, the authorities admitted publicly that, although criptomonedas do not benefit the ruble, it is impossible for them to prohibit their use. What is possible, is to punish the illegal acts of fraud against the electrical system, such as it has been doing, especially this year 2020.

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