Intelligent Community brings you amazing opportunities through their blockchain based platform!


Team intelligent heroes is always trying to keep all their users updated with the various happenings all around the world and offering lucrative opportunities to those seeking jobs suited for their knowledge and skills.

The sole purpose of the intelligent community is to eradicate the problem of knowledge localization. This is a major reason why they have such a global appeal. This adaptive platform also ensures that no one loses out on opportunities due to the lack of a proper degree or a reputed university’s name. This is why here you will find multiple tests designed to judge the job seekers’ skills and allocate them work accordingly.

Simple. Smooth. Transparent.
Many  people are wary of such platforms using blockchains due to the complexity of the operations. This is another element that has been handled brilliantly by team Intelligent Heroes. Even though the backend is quite complex due to the integration of all the technicalities related to the blockchain technology, once you log in you will see that the site is extremely user friendly and have a highly informative yet simple interface. 

Blockchain & DAapps
The major reason behind using a blockchain based platform is to ensure a fair, secure and responsive reward system for all the users of the Intelligent community. The core ecosystem includes the testing platform, where blockchain technology is used for storing the results for call-ups at the time of need. The presence of the DAapps and blockchain technologies make the entire process smooth and secure for everyone. 

The most awaited sale is here!
In case you haven’t heard it yet, the Intelligent community is here with their IEO on 10th January 2020!
The sale starts on 10th January 2020 at 15:30:00 and ends on 10th February 2020 15:30:00 with a supply of 30000000 Hero being available for sale and KYC being optional. With the starting price being $0.10 USD you can expect to get a 60% bonus. The sale will be divided into 2 different rounds

Round 1: 10.01.2020, 12:00, UTC – 10.02.2020, 12:00, UTC | $0.2 | Locked bonus 60%

Round 2: 20.02.2020, 12:00, UTC – 20.03.2020, 12:00, UTC | $0.3 | Locked bonus 40%

Ensuring security
A major problem with such a platform is security and that’s where Intelligent Heroes come in with their advanced security measures. These guys know how crucial security can be for any user which is why they take every measure possible to ensure that each one of the user’s personal data is protected and the payment system is transparent and highly secure. So no fear of losing payment or advertisers & data criminals stealing your data once you put your faith in the intelligent community.

Coming back to the sale, currently there are no restricted countries specified for the upcoming sale. The currencies allowed is BTC and ETH while the token type is  ERC20. Even though much lesser amount is available for sale, the total supply is 100000000. The soft cap is $1000000 and the hard cap is $6000000.

The seed sale phase of $1000000 is currently live where you can buy Hero at the base price of $0.1 Hurry up!! The clock is ticking. If you don’t want to miss out on such a lucrative opportunity, then grab the offer on the official website  The soft cap is $1.00M while the hard cap is $6.00M. You have almost 15days in your hands as the seed sale phase is about to end on 30th December 2019. 

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