Kodiaks Firearm Training offers 20% off and much more on Christmas


Kodiaks Firearm Training has been offering expert monitored gun training classes ever since its inception in order to make people more aware regarding the usage and maintenance of firearms. This is done mainly so that together  they can keep the entire location safe and secure. 

Kodiaks Firearm Training is the perfect option for anyone looking for a quick lesson on gun usage and maintenance. The multiple programs available throughout the year are very much helpful for the people out there who wish to own a firearm but couldn’t do so, till now. Once you pass any of these programs you will be getting certificates which means it will be easier to get your hands on a license. So if you are planning on buying a gun anytime soon, it is best to go through these wide range of programs available with Kodiaks Firearm Training. 

In case you were wondering, the December 21st NRA basic pistol class, can easily be upgraded to the CCW for an extra $40 in addition to the base rate of $150. This Christmas they have plenty more in store for all the gun lovers out there! Along with the basic NRA course on Saturday, December 21, 2019 one can also opt for the Wisconsin CCW class at a discount of 20% any time they want. 

The NRA class will be charged $150 which will also include the range time, and will go on for the entire day. Even though the CCW course is charged at $50 you can get it at $40 during Christmas. So with this many awesome opportunities for the Kenosha conceal carry class, it is best to enroll now for the most lucrative deals. 

About Kodiaks Firearm Training

Kodiaks Firearm Training can be considered as the best firearm training center for most people. These guys plan on making the society safer for people through their innovative gun training programs. 

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