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Meet Prakash Neupane , the Nepalese Rapstar


Prakash Neupane known as Prakash is a professional musician from Nepal. From an early age, his first words have always been music. Neupane’s follows originality by putting his own twist to his melodies composing and writing in every genre. Coupled with drive and passion Prakash Neupane is unstoppable. Now he’s a reputable and professional musician of the Nepalese people is on an incredible run of form late and things have only gotten better for the celebrated musician whose music has redefined the belief of the Nepalese.

He has also has congregated thousands of supportive fans through his popular songs like ‘U Got Me’, ‘Sunana’, ‘Bang Bang’, ‘Maya Basa’ and many more. Such top peaking numbers have made his name stamped in the books of Nepali popular music. He has received many love and support from Nepalese listeners. In his childhood Prakash used to write poem, faiths, gazals, however, he had stopped to write it in 2014.
It has also been an amazing start to the year as his fan base increased significantly including the lovers of his music. The ever-changing music world continues to evolve overtime and Prakash Neupane seems not to be left out in helping to shape the Albanian entertainment industry to be amongst the giant in the world today.
Prakash Neupane is a Digital entrepreneur, poet and above all a celebrated Albanian musician.
His musical portfolio is second to none, a de facto of standard.
Prakash spent his entire childhood in Kohalpur in his complete introversion. “I was very shy and never showed up on stage until my 7th standard. Slowly, I pushed myself into social gatherings more and started to wander in narrow to wide lanes and pathways of Kolhapur.”
He did his schooling from Ram Janaki Higher Secondary Scool Kohalpur. After completing his SLC, he moved to Kathmandu, the capital city Nepal to pursue his career as a professional R&B singer and Rapper in 2014.
He continued his higher education at Morgan International College in intermediate. Again he is enrolling in Morgan int’l college to pursue his academic qualification for Bachelor’s degree. He used to meet with different Nepali musicians which soon gave the birth of his desire to enter the world of professionalism. For this, he chose to record a song. He started to save his pocket money and at the same time, he befriended Shrijan Subediband the duo recorded their first composition ‘Aaideuna’ which was good and appreciated by many Nepali youngsters. ‘The song was about the romantic love. Prakash keeps himself busy in reading between the lines of poetry and novels written by Mahakavi Laxmi Prasad Devkota. Lekhnath Paudyal, Madhav Prasad Ghimire and many more. Along with reading he also started to listen and write rap which was based meaningful, lively and larger than life.
Along with his studies, Prakash then learned music from YouTube by watching youtube videos. When he was studying in Morgan college Prakash wrote the song named “Sunana” inside the classroom and it was good in melody. He talked with Nepali rapper Aidray from the unity to feature rap in his new song and gave his fourth attempt and recorded the song ‘Sunana’ featuring Aidray on his own lyrics and compositions. Like ‘Aaideuna, another song ‘Ma’ earned recognition both in Nepalese media and hearts of Nepali music lovers. After that, he released his debut album ‘Prakash Tunes’ in 2016 which contains 11 songs including Sunana, Ma, Aaideuna and was appreciated by many peoples. After that he released the song name called “U Got Me” which makes him well known in Nepali R&B hip-hop music scenario. Interestingly, Prakash has always been releasing his songs by consulting his fans & well-wishers.
Yet perhaps the most important news is that Prakash has announced a new studio album and surprising collaborations for 2019, so stay tuned!

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