MVP’s, Age, Gender, and Name of players at Puppy Bowl 2020: Will a pup try to mate?

MVP's, Age, Gender, and Name of players at Puppy Bowl 2020 Will a pup try to mate

Please read all our picks, below, and then tune in on Sunday, February 2, at 3:00 PM ET to watch these adorable doggos, because there is nothing else happening that day.

The dog days of sports betting are here. Not because football is ending soon, but because you can bet on tiny dogs doing adorable stuff.

Move over Westminster Dog Show and greyhound races, Puppy Bowl XVI is the premier canine betting experience. And, once again, we’ve got all the analysis to help you make informed decisions on a prerecorded Animal Planet event whose primary goal is to encourage adoption.

Names of all the players

  • Wilbur – Paw Works
  • Theodore – AHeinz57 Pet Rescue
  • Spritz – Jersey Girls Animal Rescue
  • Sol – Cartagena Paws
  • Sadie – Paws CT
  • Rummy – Cruzan Cowgirls
  • Rooster – Sanctuary Rescue
  • Rocky Road – Rescue City
  • Papaya – Shaggy Dog Rescue
  • Lucca – Texas Chihuahua Rescue
  • Kingery – Providence Animal Center
  • Killian – Green Dogs Unleashed
  • Granny Smith – Paws Crossed
  • Dolly – Hearts and Bones Rescue
  • Darcy – Ninna’s Road to Rescue
  • Coach – Morris Animal Refuge
  • Bobby – Helen Woodward Animal Center
  • Bert – Rescue Dogs Rock
  • Anise – Last Chance Animal Rescue

  • Strudel – Citizens for Animal Protection
  • Starla – Danbury Animal Welfare Society
  • Rhubarb – Rescue Road Trips
  • Poppy – Last Chance Animal Rescue
  • Mocha – Foster Dogs NYC
  • Maverick – Virgina Beach SPCA
  • Linus – New Life Animal Rescue
  • Lee – Big Fluffy Dogs
  • Kenny – Animal Friends
  • Jack – Love Leo Rescue
  • Huck – Vanderpump Dog Foundation
  • Goldie – Miami-Dade County Animal Services
  • Gina – Last Chance Animal Rescue
  • Filbert – Doubel J Dog Ranch
  • Ferris – AHeinz57 Pet Rescue
  • Daphne – Double J Dog Ranch
  • Crumpet – Angel City Pitt Bulls
  • Candy – Texas Old English Sheepdog Rescue
  • Cafecito – Miami-Dade County Animal Services
  • Brody – AHeinz57 Pet Rescue
  • Betty – Florida Little Dogs Rescue
  • Aspen – Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue

The puppy Bowl will again get confliction in play;

  • Bovada is giving six prop bets in the 2020 game.
  • What will be the age, Generation, or specification of the MVP?
  • Will Michael Vick tweet about the puppy?

Puppy Bowl XVI is a leading dog betting race.

Here is some vital information about puppy Bowl race 2020 props.

It is going to get released on the following schedule.

Day: Sunday

Date: February 2

Time: 3.00pm ET

You must not have any other event except to watch these inspiring doggos.

2020 Puppy Bowl Point Spread

Point Spread Odds at Bovada
Team Fluff -7.5 -140
Team Ruff +7.5 EVEN

Such plays are generally a defeat and cause to retreat in disorder. Fewer than 7.5 just judged five games. If you are the supporters of “Fluff” as to get back their final year defeat, never think about the scores.


Age of Puppy Bowl MVP


Age Odds at Bovada
Over 17.5 Weeks +135
Under 17.5 Weeks -175

Just 19 puppies out of 42 are more than 17.5 weeks.


Gender Puppy Bowl MVP


Gender Odds at Bovada
Female -110
Male 130

As it is a proverb that “bitches be crazy.” And you wish a bit enthusiastic in a race. The female will provide you that.

Puppy Bowl MVP: First letter of the name


First Letter Odds at Bovada
A-J -120
K-Z -120


There is no suggestion that who named all the puppies. All twelve have a moniker concern for food and drink. But there is an equal division of initial puppies with the J-K line. That’s why it is also necessary a toss-up. One puppy from them is known as Granny Smith. The last two MVP’s puppy’s starting letter of the name is B.

Odds Puppy Bowl MVP is Purebred of Mixed Breed


Result Odds at Bovada
Purebred +600
Mixed Breed -1200

Odds a dog try to mate


Result Odds at Bovada
Yes +350
No -600

There are few horny-ass doggers. But when HBO start releasing the play, there would not be any puppy style at home. Odds Michael Vick tweets about the 2020 puppy Bowl

Odds of Tweets by Michael Vick  About the 2020 Puppy Bowl

Result Odds at Bovada
Yes +1400
No -10000

He is the ancestry boy of prop bets. Maybe a puppy bowl would be a fun time, not a severe remembrance that animal suffering exists. 

Previous years results of Puppy Bowl


No. Puppy Bowl Most Valuable Puppy Original airdate US viewers
1 Puppy Bowl I Max, a Jack Russell Terrier February 6, 2005 (2005-02-06) 0.150
2 Puppy Bowl II Monseigneur Jacques, a French Poodle February 5, 2006 (2006-02-05) 6.555
3 Puppy Bowl III Bomber, a Samoyed February 4, 2007 (2007-02-04) 7.5
4 Puppy Bowl IV Abigail, a Jack Russell Terrier February 3, 2008 (2008-02-03) N/A
5 Puppy Bowl V Matilda, a Beagle February 1, 2009 (2009-02-01) 1.152
6 Puppy Bowl VI Jake, a Chihuahua/Pug Mix February 7, 2010 (2010-02-07) 1.1
7 Puppy Bowl VII CB, a Shih Tzu/Terrier Mix February 6, 2011 (2011-02-06) 1.7
8 Puppy Bowl VIII Fumble, a Terrier Mix February 5, 2012 (2012-02-05) N/A
9 Puppy Bowl IX Fitz, a Catahoula Mix February 3, 2013 (2013-02-03) 2.631
10 Puppy Bowl X Loren, a Brittany February 2, 2014 (2014-02-02) 3.254
11 Puppy Bowl XI Henry, a Lab Mix February 1, 2015 (2015-02-01) 2.767
12 Puppy Bowl XII Star, a Chow Chow Mix February 7, 2016 (2016-02-07) 2.198
13 Puppy Bowl XIII Rory, a Poodle Mix February 5, 2017 (2017-02-05) 2.47
14 Puppy Bowl XIV Bear, a Pit Bull/Foxhound Mix February 4, 2018 (2018-02-04) 3.05
15 Puppy Bowl XV Bumble, a Lab/Chow Chow Mix February 3, 2019 (2019-02-03) N/A
16 Puppy Bowl XVI TBA February 2, 2020 (2020-02-02) TBD
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Puppy Bowl In 2020: This Year’s Lineup Is Pawsome

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