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SGC completing its preparatory work in Sudan

SGC completing its preparatory work in Sudan
SGC completing its preparatory work in Sudan

Sudan Gold Coin is re-launching in Sudan. The unique blockchain-based investment project seeks to popularize its product by inviting investors and the community to invest in a stable and secure platform.

The world’s first blockchain-based investment project Sudan Gold Coin (SGC), is set to re-launch in Sudan. Being one of the first blockchain technologies with gold and precious metals trading, the decentralized platform engages a real production sector and combines it with high transparency and fair distribution of profits.

While making the announcement, one of the Sudan Gold Coin founder Dmitry Konoval said that after completing two pre-sales events which turned out to be successful, the company is aiming to enhance the momentum of their gold plated ERC -20 token as well as popularize it in a number of big cities across Asia.

While rooting for the reliability of the cryptocurrency investment, the company representative said that the value of SGC is tied to the gold market. “The model offered by SGC promises more price stability than what the existing cryptocurrencies may deliver, connecting to our token promises stability in a market which is volatile,” said the SGC representative.

Sudan Gold Coin founder adds that it will be easy to keep track of the world mining sector as users will be provided with charts, news, forums of discussions, and statistics. There are more investment opportunities as mining enterprises can become part of the platform and trade their minerals at the platform.

As part of its popularization process, SGC is planning roadshows where potential partners, community members, and investors will be sensitized on how they can use the platform to access profit from gold mining and the whole mining industry.

Unlike fiat currencies, gold cannot be simply printed or duplicated whenever the government decides, there need to be some more like Gold mining. Gold mining, like all mining, is an expensive and time inefficient process. The problem with gold is, it is in no way an effective currency to use for daily exchange. And here comes our role where we will facilitate this feature with our tokens and avoid the expensive process to store or move gold via tokenization.

“We have a great future ahead, we invite those who are interested in investment to take advantage of this launch and trade in a platform where stable prices and security of your investments are guaranteed,” said Dmitry while calling upon the investors and the cryptocurrency community to join SGC in promotion of this unique project.


 About SGC (Sudan Gold Coin)

SGC is an innovative solution for mining enterprises allowing everyone to keep track of the world of mining. The platform is dedicated to raising funds for socially responsible gold mining operations in Africa supported by local governments.

Token weight 0.002 gram per 1 SGC coin, Quarterly the weight of each token will grow.

SGC (Sudan Gold Coin) is the first blockchain-based investment project in the world, as well as switching to Proof of Stake. Thus, the project has 2 ways to get profit Weight gain by 1 token, and Staking coins. Dedicated to raising funds for socially responsible gold mining operations in Africa supported by local governments.

The Sudan Gold Coin is an ERC-20 token that initially associated with 0.002 grams of physical gold, and its allocation increased as gold was mined as a result of a mining project in Africa. SGC has always been created as a fully transparent crypto asset with all crypto resources managed by Estonian parent company Crypto GMC.

The project meets all legal requirements and SGC will store the mined gold on the basis of the gold deposit in Dubai, from where it can also be physically bought back by token holders.


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