Precautions You Must Take After Installation of Braces


Now that you have decided to move forward with your decision about installing braces, there are certain problems you are going to face in your routine life. By taking some simple precautions in your routine life, your wire will last longer and visits to your dentist will be reduced. The expert’s orthodontics at RecallMax, enlightened us about all the precautionary tips you must follow while taking baby steps with braces.  

While your braces work in aligning your crooked teeth, you must work on improving the hygiene of your oral cavity. After the procedure, the teeth need special care to protect them from dental decay, cavities, plaques, and other common issues. You must restrict yourself from biting on excessively hard food, sugar candies, crunchy food, mouth breathing and biting your lips. 

Brushing your teeth regularly

Brushing your teeth twice a day is part of regular oral hygiene maintenance in everyone’s schedule. It keeps the bacterial growth within your oral cavity in check, so that it can cause no potential damage to your precious teeth. After installing the braces, your teeth become more susceptible to damage due to bacteria. Therefore, oral hygiene maintenance is necessary.

The cleaning schedule is changed after the application of the braces. With braces, you need to clean your teeth after every meal. Food particles get stuck in your metal wire after a meal. This way they form the perfect ambiance for the growth of the bacterial flora. The longer these particles stay trapped, the more risk you pose for developing dental problems. Gently brush your teeth with a toothbrush having soft, round bristles. You can also think of replacing your regular brush with an electronic brush. 

 Start the cleaning routine by rinsing your mouth with clean water to loosen the particles stuck in your wire. It is important to brush every tooth above and below the braces for complete cleanliness. Brush your teeth at an angle of 45 degrees for the maximum results. Rinse them again after cleaning.

 Use an alternative cleaning method

Flossing is a vital part of the cleaning schedule after you get your braces. You must floss between the brackets and under the wires. You can also buy a smooth and waxed floss for easy flossing, as it is less likely to get stuck in your brackets. If you have interdental space, you might consider buying an interproximal toothbrush.  

Another popular option is using an Oral Irrigator. The right pressurised water stream passing between the teeth reaches untouched areas and thus help in complete cleaning. You can also use a mouth wash for cleaning your mouth and getting rid of bad odour.

Observe your food habits

When you have gotten your teeth equipped with braces, you should also start watching your food habits, so that it does not result in the wire breakage. Eating too much sugary and starchy food leads to the build-up of plaques on the teeth, that is difficult to clean. You should also avoid eating chewy and sticky food such as caramel toffees, dried corn, chewing gums, etc. These items stubbornly stuck on your braces are extremely challenging to remove. Hard foods such as nuts are strongly restricted as these can damage the brackets as well as the wires. 

 Otherwise healthy food such as apples, pineapples, etc, can be problematic for a person with braces. In this instance, cut these food items into smaller parts before consumption.

Some handy tips

If you get stuck in the lack of toothbrush, you must rinse your mouth with water and mouthwash as soon as possible. Also, apply wax on the insides of your lips to prevent the wires from chafing them. In the beginning, the tooth might feel slightly loosen up due to the pressure. This is a common occurrence as teeth need to loosen up before their realignment and it goes throughout the year. If you suffer from any problem, talk to your dentist about it. Visit your dentist for a scheduled appointment for the regular maintenance of braces. 

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