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Quitters will be banned from Gear 5 for 640 days



Gear 5, a third-person shooter developed by The Coalition studios and Xbox exclusive was released on the 6th of September this year. The game has been able to uphold the legacy of its predecessor and as it is the sixth addition to the series of The Gear of War, it’s quite difficult. And a ban from this game can truly be a shame…

With players getting banned for cheating (Bungie’s Destiny 2), making offensive comments publicly (Blizzard’s Hearthstone) it was apparent some company would start banning players for quitting. Yep, for all the quitter out there, you’re being banned. The Coalition Studios have announced that if you’re playing multiplayer and you quit you will be banned from the Gear 5. And frankly, no one would like to…you know to be unable to play a game they just bought. So, on a serious note, do not quit, it can cost someone their match. And always play multiplayer when you surely know you have enough time.

The company said the game quitter would be banned for at least a month and at most can go up to 640 days. Two freaking years… However, there is a catch, you will not be banned for two years for one quit, you’ll have to be a repeat offender i.e. quit many times before they ban you for that long…but why would you?

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The Coalition Studio took to Twitter to announce the ban and said, “Quitters have been receiving month to year-long suspensions for prior behavior. This is how long you can be suspended for being a rampant quitter. Take heed. Over the next few hours, impacted users will be un-suspended, but 1 quit away from suspension.

You have been warned.”

This action of the company has been accepted with a smile by most of the player who plays legitimately, and for the quitters, you have been warned.

Harsh Vardhan

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