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What makes HTML5 so unique is that it’s designed to display mostly anything online without installing any additional plugins or software. It can easily run movies, music, complex apps, animations, and much more, all in your internet browser. 

Using HTML5, the coders can write web applications that function offline, access users’ locations, display complex animated banners, play high-definition videos without lag, and seamlessly integrate with mobile devices. 

Other than revolutionising websites, HTML5 compatibility has changed the way banner ads are displayed. Compared to the old static banner ads, advertisers now use an HTML 5 banner maker to design complex banners to drive customer engagement. 

A couple of years ago, the most widely used browsers started supporting HTML5 based content over flash. Back in 2016, Google switched entirely to HTML5, replacing the need for flash plugins.

For a layman, rich media is often used in advertising for an advanced feature that encourages the audience to engage with the content. Since HTML5 compatible banners ads are an advancement, they are considered a form of rich media.

Rich media ads are the best kind of ads as they set apart a website from the competitors. Now, building rich media ads is easier with the availability of banner makers, wherein you can make HTML5  banners without any coding. 

Here are several reasons why you need to make HTML5 supported media ads:

  • Boosts Creativity

HTML5 removes the limitations that come with flash plugins. With the use of HTML5, marketers and designers can design experimental banners. Designers can make banner ads using a mix of video and graphics or use other HTML5 components to indulge the viewers with an added layer of interactivity. 

  • Increases Engagement

Using rich media advertisements can increase engagement and CTR. There are many display advertisements, but with the advent of HTML5, video display advertisements are increasing. Video banner ads are a great way to engage customers and ultimately convert them.

Moreover, when you plugin a CMP (creative management platform), you can monitor various statistics to determine the success of your banners. 

  • Better mobile ads

Before HTML5 was introduced, there was no room for innovation or creativity in mobile ads. But, now, rich media ads are necessary to engage the customers in a better way. 

Advertisers can set banners that rotate as the users swipe across the screen or display different information; the only limit is imagination.

An HTML5 banner maker enables you to scale your banner animation for all types of devices. 

So, no matter the device, your ads will work seamlessly across all devices.  

  • Increased Click-Through Rate (CTR)

In contrast to the standard static banners, it is believed that rich media ads offer almost a two hundred per cent increase in the click-through rate. One of the leading factors for such a high CTR is that the audience does not blindside these banners as they are more memorable and demand more attention. 

Such memorable ads influence the audience’s ability to recognise a brand.

Nowadays, it is becoming more challenging for marketers to grab the public’s attention, and HTML5 rich media banner ads can be the solution. These media ads make your banner advertisements more effective and memorable. 

Harsh Vardhan

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