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Stratus: The First Social Networking Ecosystem With Zero Downtimes


The Stratus social media ecosystem launched on November 27 as the first social media platform with zero downtimes, zero censorship, and 100% privacy. It’s a product of Apollo fintech, and as such, its reliability is all credits to the hub, Apollo blockchain. 

Fundamentally, blockchains should be immutable and transparent to ensure full reliability. In that case, Apollo blockchain possesses the features providing all its transactions to remain highly reliable. However, this blockchain has extra features that ensure there are no downtimes in the blockchain. 

Foremost is the adaptive forging algorithm, a technique used to stop the blockchain’s non-stop block creation. Continuous block creation leads to a lack of enough resources to complete transactions when needed, as many such blockchains suffer downtimes and high issues to deal with scale. However, with Apollo’s eradication of that issue, all Stratus users will enjoy uninterrupted services 24/7.

Another Apollo blockchain technology that Stratus will adopt to ensure no downtimes are database level sharding. Sharding is an algorithm that breaks down the database into small partitions dubbed shards. Each shard is independent in functioning, but they are all integrated to perform the blockchain’s everyday functions. 

Sharded database allows for the addition of other resources, i.e., more computers, because shards can operate from different computers. Therefore, the Stratus ecosystem will enjoy maximum resource allocation, with more computing power hence more reliable in conducting all activities.

On the contrary, persons using the Stratus ecosystem, either transacting, learning, or communicating, won’t experience any downtimes. Social media enthusiasts will also highly benefit since they will never miss an update because of the system’s inability to serve them. Stratus will help every user every time. Other users in crypto and fiat will have an easy time depositing, withdrawing, and trading, with transactions taking seconds to complete. 

Stratus will also give absolute reliability in other ways.

A Reliable Network for Private Communications

One solution that Stratus is bringing in social media is absolute privacy in communications. Although the current social media platforms promise users complete privacy, they still leave some spy routines checking personal communications. Moreover, after collecting data about a party, most of these platforms sell them to the highest bidders, causing serious security issues.

In Stratus, privacy is a guaranteed right; it implants encryption algorithms for all communications, both in groups and inbox. Additionally, the Stratus blockchain hub has a technique instituted to hide the IP address; thus, it will never collect any location or device data. 

Everyone using Stratus will say goodbye to data collections and manipulation and welcome privacy. 

Reliable Censorship-Free Platform for All Content Creators

As a platform where influencers and content creators can maximize their income, Stratus will not censor any content created. Stratus believes that freedom of speech is a fundamental human right, and as such, everyone will be encouraged to express themselves freely. 

There have been recent talks about censorship, especially with the case of Twitter censoring investigative statements a few days after the US general election. Another iconic platform Facebook participated in such censorship, which ultimately led to the vilification of some journalists. 

Stratus will adequately protect the rights of journalists to speak and the right to express themselves. Instead of censoring, Stratus will preserve the content, thus helping its users to maximize their income. 

Journalists, influencers, bloggers, and everyone else should brace up to leverage this platform.

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