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Suffering From a Personal Injury? How to Find the Ideal Philadelphia Personal Lawyer for Your Case?


A person may suffer a few different kinds of injuries, ranging from mild to severe. The most common type of injury comes from car accidents.

Car accidents happen almost every day on the roadways, and they could result in anything from whiplash to paralysis. If you face a personal injury, the right solution is to contact a Philadelphia personal injury attorney in your locality.

According to the Pennsylvania Civil Statute of Limitations, you can file for compensation for a personal injury in Philadelphia within a limited time frame. Hence it is crucial to contact a lawyer as soon as the damage occurs.

Listed below are some types of personal injuries where you can claim for compensation:

Slip And Fall Accidents

These unfortunate accidents often occur in public places, such as grocery stores, when a wet floor has not been adequately cleaned, or warning signs have not been posted.

Bites And Animal Attacks

A person may be bitten by a dog or other animal, potentially leading to severe injuries.

Work-related Injuries

These can include anything from a slip and fall accident at work to an on-the-job injury resulting in a debilitating injury.

Product Defects

If a defective product has injured you, you may be able to file a product liability claim.

Medical Malpractice

If you have been injured due to medical malpractice, you may be able to file a medical malpractice claim.

How to Select the Right Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer?

When looking for a Philadelphia personal injury attorney, it is crucial to choose someone who has experience handling the type of injury you have suffered. 

It would help if you got an attorney with the resources, connections, and skills necessary to fight for your best interests.

Finding a Lawyers with Experience

Since car accidents are so common in Philadelphia, you must find a personal injury attorney here who has experience dealing with these kinds of cases. 

You should look at the websites posted by the law offices, and you should be able to tell whether or not they have dealt with personal injury cases before.

Law Firms Vs. One Attorney

If you are dealing with a severe case such as medical malpractice or a complicated defective product case, it may be worth your while to hire more than one lawyer at a time.

It will give you the best chance to win your case and receive your deserved compensation. However, if your case is more straightforward, such as a slip and fall accident, you may only need to work with one personal injury lawyer.

How Much Will Personal Injury Lawyers Charge?

Personal injury lawyers typically charge on a contingency basis.

It means that they will not take any payment from you unless they can win your case and receive a settlement or judgment on your behalf.

It would help if you asked the personal injury lawyer about their fees and how they will be paid. Some lawyers will take a percentage of the settlement amount, while others may charge an hourly rate.

You should ask if there are other costs that you will be responsible for, such as court costs or expert witness fees.

When to Contact a Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you have been injured in any way, it is crucial to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. The sooner you start your case, the chances of winning are higher. Personal injury lawyers will advise you on the best course of action and work tirelessly to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

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