The Best Mattress For Lower Back Pain


Do you know what the best mattress for lower back pain is? If not, then I will shed some light here. This problem is a common one that affects many people at least once in their lives. Although it may seem trivial when you are suffering through it, there is nothing to be laughed about because this condition can cause all kinds of problems in your life.

A very common cause of lower back pain is not having a good mattress. There are a lot of people who are using foam mattresses and latex mattresses for sleeping, but there are also those who prefer a spring mattress. However, many people who opt for a hybrid type of mattress claim that they find better comfort. These hybrid models, also known as coil or water bed mattresses, are composed of a layer of coils that is water or air-filled while the other layer is made of a combination of foam and buckwheat.

Better Pressure Relief

The first thing that you need to know about a hybrid mattress is that they provide better pressure relief than memory foam layers. They also allow proper spinal alignment while sleeping. The best brands of this type of mattress come with two to three layers of memory foam layers which provide excellent support. One other factor that you should consider when buying a mattress of this kind is the thickness of its mattress cover. The thickness of the mattress cover ensures proper air circulation around your joints, which in turn helps you get rid of aches and pains. Mattresses with the right thickness and good mattress cover also prevent moisture build-up around your joints.

However, most of the hybrids sold today are composed of only one to two coils.

This means that you will have to purchase another mattress to achieve pressure relief. Several brands provide a flippable mattress but some of them cannot be used by individuals suffering from back ailments like lower back pain and herniated discs.

When looking for a mattress, you must consider its firmness. 

This is because a firm mattress usually gives better support. However, if you suffer from back problems, you may want to purchase a mattress that has a slightly firm feel so that it can still provide proper support. Just like a mattress, you should also get a firm pillow. You can opt for a wedge pillow because the surface of a wedge pillow is truly smooth and it provides better comfort.

Another important consideration when purchasing a mattress is the size. 

There are various sizes including California King, Queen, Twin, Twin XL, etc. It is best to try out the mattress before you purchase it so that you can determine how it feels when you sleep on it. If you think the mattress is too small or too big for your body size, it is best to go for the bigger size. If you think the mattress is too large, you can choose the hybrid type that combines the softness of the foam and the firmness of the coils. Hybrid mattresses can cost a little more than ordinary foam mattresses, but they can provide better support as well as last longer.

The best mattress for lower back pain that you can find might be a bit different than the best one for someone with higher back pain. There are many differences between mattresses for different types of back pain and it is important to understand them when considering which mattress is best for you. If you do not know your exact type of back pain then it is probably best to consult with your doctor before purchasing a mattress. They will be able to help you find the best mattress for lower back pain that is comfortable and will help alleviate your back problems.

A mattress can provide many benefits when it comes to relieving aches and pains from your everyday life, but it is the support provided by the mattress that makes the difference. Memory foam mattresses are a very popular choice because they provide excellent support. This foam is usually used in hospitals to help prevent bedsores from occurring and patients are sleeping on them in their resting position to help relieve any pressure on the spine. Because memory foam is sensitive to human touch, it is also the best mattress for those who have problems sleeping in their regular sleeping position.

There are four major categories of mattresses and they are:

  • latex, 
  • memory foam, 
  • latex-free, and 
  • viscoelastic foam. 

All four are capable of providing excellent support for the spinal cord and can be used for the best nights of rest. Many people prefer to purchase an extra firm mattress to get the best results, but there are a couple of mattresses in the mid-firm to a firm range that can provide great support and help relieve back pain. Some people do not want to make a big change in their sleeping habits but simply need to find a good quality mattress that fits comfortably and provides good spinal alignment.

A good rule of thumb is that the mattress should be firm enough to provide a firm but not uncomfortable feeling when lying on it. Ideally, the mattress should feel like you are resting on hardwood or stone with a supportive but not overly dense foam beneath. An individual may choose to purchase a more expensive high quality brand that offers more options in the support department including memory foam, exterior fabric and even some hypoallergenic options. They may also decide to purchase a more flexible mattress to better meet their needs and to make it easier to transition from a flatbed to a coil or enclosed box spring. Many hybrids have a coil system that can be adjusted to fit the individual. Also, the size of the mattress should comply with the body to give better comfort. And similarly, the dimensions of duvets and comforters should also comply with the mattress size.

The sleeper can choose to have memory foam that conforms itself to their body and provide support without increasing pressure points or disrupting breathing. The sleeper’s choice will determine if the mattress features gel memory foam. If the individual experiences lower back pain in other sleeping areas, they will find that they have the best night of rest when they choose this type of mattress. A mattress that features gel memory foam allows heat to dissipate and does not change the temperature of the air surrounding them. This allows for better sleep without disruption to normal sleeping patterns.

For those who do not suffer from lower back pain, the best mattress for back pain may be one that is made of pure new material. Most consumers find that innerspring mattresses are too hard or too soft and do not offer a comfortable sleeping experience. Many helix midnight mattresses are also available that are constructed from new materials. They are usually available in various price ranges to accommodate different budgets.

When shopping for a mattress for lower back pain, it is important to pay attention to the size and thickness of the mattress. Many individuals choose to go with a thicker mattress that offers increased support, especially after they spend several hours in bed. A thicker mattress will also help keep space available in a room to allow movement during the night. The best mattress should offer a comfort layer between the two layers of foam that provide support. A thick mattress with a good quality foundation will also provide additional durability.


The best mattress for lower back pain should have a medium firmness or “firm” feel to it. This provides additional support for the lumbar region. Some consumers choose to purchase a mattress with medium firmness because it helps them sleep comfortably without having to resort to extreme options like inflatable pillows. Firmness in a mattress can vary from one model to another. The best advice when searching for this type of mattress is to shop around until you find a model that meets your personal preferences.


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