The Future Revolution of E-commerce “Empowering Online Shopping with Crypto payments and Artificial Intelligence”


Cryptocurrency holders and spenders can now use the Shopereum to shop at their favourite e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Ali Express, Ebay and many others.

In his interview Shopereum Developer Dr. Motaz Saad told us about the main idea of the project:

The main idea ]of the project is to develop a browser extension/plugin and a digital wallet to allow users shopping at (Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress, … etc.) to show the price in cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, … etc.), the user pays to their wallet. There are other tokens that are dedicated to some sectors such as travel, health, games .. etc. So there are many attempts, and the world still needy for more adoption of cryptocurrencies in daily life transactions.”

Along with this, site is an aggregate store, where people will be allowed to be the buyer and seller. The full eco-system is consist of the website, and a mobile app so that anyone can easily access it from there fingertips.

Shopereum platform is using the latest Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology to give the user the best experience. They do the analysis of customer profile and customer needs and search keywords, and data from other sources such as Twitter and Facebook by doing so we can give users the best experience on our platform

Techniques which the Shopereum is using in order to scale more efficiently:
Smarter Marketing and advertising: As a dropshipping business provider, Shopereum offers items to the users which he has collected from different suppliers such as Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress. what is our main issue here is to bring the users to the platform but we have used the strategy by choosing the product which a user is more looking for by achieving this we are getting the traffic over the website and by using this AI technology we are analyzing the customer profile so that we can give them the best shopping experience according to there needs.

– Automation of DropShipping task:
By using the AI technology that will automate the maximum process of Dropshipping, and should be capable of handling as many orders as possible very quickly and efficiently. When an order is received, an order tracking algorithm will be automatically activated to keep the customer informed of when the product leaves the supplier. This will keep the customer better engaged and updated on the status of the purchase. Another intelligent service will be implemented to manage and monitor inventory.

Shopereum Business and ecosystem:

All of these tasks will be developed and achieved within the period of Q1 2020 till Q1 2021 including Marketing, Website and Mobile Apps Development and Partnerships with Payment Gateways, according to Shopereum roadmap.

You can also be the part of our ecosystem, let’s join hands together and bridge the Gap between the online shopping industry and adoption of cryptocurrency said Dr. Saad.

The Presale Phase of the project ERC20 token xShop is live on Coineal and end on 17 Dec.. 2019 08:00 UTC.

For more details please visit- Coineal 

And to respect the support of the audience and partners of Shopereum, a pool of 8,000,000 xShop (160,000 USD) will be distributed proportionally to the participants in the IEO

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