Top 5 Custom Designs One Can Design on Apple Airpods

Top most custom design for apple airpods

For anybody, it is a secret that the new tendency in headphones is the Airpods from apple. This fantastic brand always wants to give its users the comfort to forget about the annoying cables.

But, despite the significant advantages and benefits that the Apple Airpods have for us, for too many users, the design of the headphones is a little bit bored. However, for the apple company, there is nothing impossible. For this reason, they started launching to the market the custom apple Airpods.

In this way, all the apple brand users can give an original touch to their headphones. It is going to let you enjoy all the benefits of the Airpods but without a monotonous design. It is going to help you to highlight between your friends.

However, you can find thousands of designs on the internet and thousands of companies that can offer you incredible customer service. But, to customize your Airpods, you need to know which are the most popular designs of this year. For this reason, we want to present you with the top 5 of the best custom designs, so you can choose the right one that fits your style and make your Airpods unique.

  • Funny custom design

The first design we can introduce to you is not just a single design, if not a whole concept. We are talking about the funny custom design, which is cases. The most special about these cases is that you can personalize them with the comic character you want. 

For example, the fans of Disney can find in the market cases of almost every Disney character. You can have your custom apple Airpods with the appearance of a character of monster Inc. like sully or Randal. Besides, if you want the force to be with you all the time, you also can find cases for your Airpods personalize with the characters of Star Wars. 

However, if you are more like a classic person, you can also find silicon cases for your Airpods of funny and cute animals like bunnies and bears. The variety of characters is quite large. Your biggest problem will be to choose just one character in front of all the options you can use.

  • There are Chic custom designs for most divas

Of course, among the unique designs, we cannot forget about those considered for divas. Almost all the women try to use all their belongings like an accessory. But, unfortunately, the original design of the Airpods is not too unique and fabulous. 

For this reason, you could love the design of pompoms. This Airpods design count with a furry pompom of synthetic material. Thus, it is no problem with the divas that do not want to use natural animal hair.

It has different options to find the design with a pompom hanging from a keychain, and the case is of silicone. But, you also can find the same silicone case but cover for the shaggy hair. In this way, you can have a chic accessory and also use headphones. Besides, these custom Airpods are available in different colors.  

For this reason, you can wear the outfit you want and always use your Airpods that combine perfectly. Besides, the softcover helps to protect your Airpods if they suffer a sudden fall.

  • The modern style and vintage style can be together in your Airpods

Of course, we also have to consider all those people that love the retro and vintage style. For this reason, there are some designs you can use to create a vintage style that you want. Among the retro and vintage designs, you can use one of the most popular, the retro phone case for Airpods.

The retro case for Airpods is not the only retro or vintage design you can find in the market or do it by yourself. You also can see the style of the old cassette for your Airpods. Definitely, with a vintage design, you can use the most modern headphones and save some of the styles of the old school. We have to remember that the styles of other ages are incredible too, and mix with the newest styles makes it better. 

  • You are going to love the superhero custom design to have super Airpods

As we tell you before, there is a kind of style for everyone. For this reason, if we are talking about the unique custom designs for Airpods, we cannot leave out the superheroes designs. In the beginning, the superheroes style was a little bit dummy, but with the pass of time, this geek culture earns a lot of popularity.

For this reason, we can find custom designs about incredible superheroes like ironman or American captain. Of course, some people are not too much fan of superheroes if not of the supervillains. It is almost impossible not to want an Airpods with Loki’s design or even better with the mighty gauntlet’s design.

In this way, you can personalize your apple Airpods with the superhero or supervillain design you want, and always keep your best character near you. Who knows if this will even help you develop any superpowers to control your playlist.

  • For the travelers also there is a unique design

Finally, one of the most popular designs among the community of travelers is the suitcase design. It is impossible do not to love a tiny suitcase that can contain your custom apple Airpods. There are several kinds of suitcases you can choose from the classical suitcases to the modern suitcases with heels.

Besides, with this style, you are going to be able to combine the style of your real size suitcase with the suitcase-style of your Airpods. It is going to give you a unique and funny style that will surprise all your friends.

Those are just a few of the custom designs for apple Airpods you can find in the market, but there are so many more options you can check until you find your favorite. The choice is yours; after all, no one knows your style better than you.

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