Top 5 Effective Time Saving Tips for Students


There are language groups, in which the understanding of time is completely different from others. Native Australians are much more interested in coordinates than in time periods; some of the native American groups saw time as one cycle that cannot be divided. It means that for some people in this world, there is no such idea as “saving time” or “wasting time.” It is an interesting concept to research, especially when you are not overwhelmed with assignments. 

However, in our reality, the time issue is relevant to everything we do. We live our lives based on what we see “time worth spent” and “not worth our time.” Age defines the amount of time we have spent on this Earth, and the “lack of time” is a normal concept for every student, young specialist, scientists, or parent.

Here, we collected the most effective tips which can help students to save time and reduce stress. 

#1. Use a 3-minute rule for small tasks

If something can be done within 3 minutes, do it. Of course, we are not talking about clicking every link you see in your messenger, we are talking about routine things we keep postponing. Starting a dish machine, cleaning something that dropped on the floor, checking on a class schedule for the next week, and many more things you can do in three minutes. When you don’t complete them on time, they collect in a huge pile, and some of them can cause real trouble. So, if you want everything to be under control, without a pile of not done 3-minute annoying tasks, do them immediately when you think about them. 

#2. Don’t put more than five points in your to-do list

We are sure that many of our readers will not agree with this tip. How can someone put only 5 points to a daily to-do list as there are dozens of tasks, and all of them are urgent? If all the tasks you have are urgent, there is something wrong with your priorities in this life. It is critically important to set priorities straight and make sure that you don’t get distracted. If you have only five points in your to-do list, you stay focused and save time. Staying focused is the most crucial thing for success in studies and business.

#3. Delegate your tasks when possible

Your ability to delegate is a super skill that you will appreciate just a little bit later when it comes to real work in the real world. For now, just trust us, if you can delegate some tasks and focus on some critically important assignments instead — do it. Sometimes, you just need to order pizza instead of cooking to save time. Sometimes, to look for some cheap essay writing help and delegate some of your writing assignments to quality service of your choice, CheapWritingHelp, for instance. Be reasonable and plan your life according to your own priorities. 

#4. Use social media monitoring apps

It is important not to waste all of your valuable time on social media, games, useless browsing, and Netflix. Of course, we are from the idea that you can just drop all those apps altogether. However, it is a good idea to reduce the time you spend this ineffectively. Our perception of time is very subjective, especially when it comes to spending leisure time. Install tracking apps to see the real picture and make some changes. Several apps can even block the defined apps after you cross the limit of daily usage. Don’t trust your will power in such matters!

#5. Plan your leisure time to reduce procrastination

No one says that you should work non stop. It is impossible and ever harmful. You need to rest, have fun, sleep, and just do nothing for some time. It is your right. If you don’t plan your leisure time, you will lose time on procrastination, because your brain will sabotage learning and working activities.

If the concept of time is something that annoys you, we hope this list of tips will come in handy and make your life a bit easier. The moment you manage to procrastinate just a little less is the moment when you will be able to maintain your time-related problems. Don’t allow small distractions to dictate your daily routine. 

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