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3 Things to do Before Allowing Your Child to Use Social Media

3 Things to do Before Allowing Your Child to Use Social Media

In today’s digital age, kids love using electronic devices, and the reasons are apparent. Many use the internet to connect with friends on social media platforms, and this makes many parents get worried a lot. Fortunately, you can still do something to intensify your child’s safety on social media.

Below is a social media parent’s guide:

  1. Cripple location services

The question of whether to impair location settings on your kid’s mobile can be tricky. However, when you enable this option, it alerts people of your proximity. As such, if your child befriends people who shouldn’t have this information, this can be potentially risky. Besides, online predators use such information to track kids, and the dangers of social media facts are all over the internet.

  1. Discuss /Watch online posts

It’s imperative to discuss what your kid posts online for this enhances your child’s safety on social media. Moreover, devise ways of observing what your child posts online. Some share inappropriate images and personal information, and this can be dangerous.

If your child follows safe social media practices but has a faulty device, the best way to praise them is to sell broken phones and use the cash to procure a better gadget for your child.

  1. Educate your child about risky communication

Most parents don’t recognize the risk of gaming personas for kids. While various online games include voice commands, opt for ones that permit your child to alter their voices automatically. This way, it becomes difficult for predators to notice when gaming with a kid. It would be best if you also watched such activities the same way you do for other websites.

Take away

Kids love using social media platforms, but many are not aware of the many online threats. As such, you should ensure your child’s safety on social media by training them on how to behave online.  Also, conceal your kid’s location and stalk their online activities.

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