Why a Career in Criminal Justice Is Right for You


It’s not always immediately clear which career path to take. Are you supposed to follow your passions or find something stable and secure? The challenge of identifying an industry or sector best suited to your talents can take years to overcome. The criminal justice system offers such a variety of opportunities due to its multi-faceted nature and many different skills can be utilized effectively within these roles. Read on for reasons a career in criminal justice might be a great fit for you.

You Are Driven

Crime is not pretty. Some careers in criminal justice require strong constitutions and convictions in order to maintain personal wellbeing. This is why a driven, self-motivated and ambitious person is best suited to these types of roles. Acquiring a BS in Criminal Justice is the first step to finding the path leading to your future goals. Work that requires you to use your abilities is fulfilling itself, but a career in criminal justice multiplies this by rewarding you with the satisfaction that you are improving society and making people’s lives better.

You Know that Small Changes Lead to Big Improvements

Criminal justice is a broad umbrella encompassing many types of careers. This means that your skills and preferences can most likely be catered to within several job roles under this umbrella. Perhaps you have unmatched listening skills or your ability to de-escalate a tense situation has proved effective many times in the past. From a legal assistant to a court judge, everyone in criminal justice has a part to play in making the world a better place and pulling towards a shared goal. Here are just a few of the many various roles a qualification in criminal justice could open up to you:

  • Detective or Police Officer
  • Lawyer
  • Probation or Correctional Officer
  • Legal Secretary
  • Crime Prevention Specialist
  • Crime Scene Investigator
  • Paralegal

You Pay Attention

Strong observational skills are a must in most job roles, but they are particularly vital when it comes to crime detection, prevention and correction. Being able to notice the details that other people miss and making connections between seemingly disparate pieces of information are highly sought-after abilities in criminal justice. Often, it’s the finer points that can change the direction of an entire case and having an eye for detail makes the detection of these points much quicker and easier. If you are good at noticing when something’s amiss or piecing together facts to arrive at logical conclusions, there is a career in criminal justice waiting for you.

You Are Reliable and Appreciate Reliability

Crime is almost a fact of life. If there are laws, there are people willing to break them. While this might seem pessimistic, it does mean that careers in criminal justice are secure. Maybe the technology will change and the techniques will develop, but crime and crime prevention will always be around. Reliable people working in criminal justice careers earn reliable job security through their dedication to protecting society.

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