Yaga is now up for Pre-Orders on Epic Games Store


Independent game publisher Versus Evil has teamed up with Breadcrumbs Interactive to announced the coming up of the pre-orders for the action RPG “YAGA.” the game will be dropping around November for PC at Epic Games Store. As for the Switch, PS4 and Xbox the game will be released around the same time.

Here’s a treat, gamers…

For those who pre-order, the game on the Epic Game Store will receive a discount of 20% on the game. The 3 SKUs Store has to offer are as follows

l Yaga- Main Game $24.99

l Yaga- Official Soundtrack $7.99

l Yaga- Bad luck Bundle- Main Game + ost- $29.99

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Yaga is a darkly comic title not meant for children. This role-playing action game tells the story of Ivan, a disable one-handed blacksmith. His luck has been altered to super bad by a witch who goes by the name Baba Yaga (NOT related to John Wick at ALL). She watches over Ivan and sends a monster to pester him, who are all are inspired by the Slavic folk tales.

Players have to combine Talismans, Magic gizmos, blessings, perks, curses, and whatnot with changing Ivan’s cursed fate. The game has multiple endings as well as numerous mission outcomes. When all this combined with game’s hidden secrets, Yaga can be played much time over. 

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Here’s what Steve Escalante, General manager of Versus Evil has to say: “Yaga’s unique mix of traditional rogue-like and RPG mechanics, combined with its eye-catching art makes it a game that’s hard to put down. Presenting an ARPG within the rich Slavic folklore and exploring the history it represents is another distinguishing factor to Yaga. We can’t wait for gamers to play Yaga this November.” 

Are you excited for the game. Well, we sure are, and that 20% off is the incing on the cake.


Harsh Vardhan

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