Smart Tips to Improve your Netflix Streaming Experience

Tips to Improve your Netflix Streaming

After giving us constant entertainment during the lockdown period that lasted close to one year, we can all attest to the fact that Netflix is still one of the most popular platforms among different cable TV alternatives. The streaming giant is set to continue churning out original movies, TV shows, and documentaries, even in 2021. Quite a good number of films and new and ongoing series are already set to premiere in 2021, and many more are on the way. 

Some of the movies and TV series that 200 million-plus Netflix subscribers are bound to enjoy in 2021 include the new reality series Buried by the Bernards and Nadiya Bakes and films like I Care A Lot, Call Me Crazy, and Moxie. Documentaries include Pelé and Into the Deep. 

Tips to Help you Enjoy your Subscription

Netflix is everything you ever asked for when it comes to family entertainment. Other than giving you tens of thousands of on-demand movies and TV series, the platform has some shortcuts and tricks to enhance your viewing experience. Here are some of the tips:

Set Up Different Profiles

As a Netflix account owner, you have access to five different profiles that you can customize to yours, your friends’ or your family members.’ To improve your viewing experience, and also, since Netflix recommends movies based on the profile’s unique viewing habits, it’s good to set up different profiles to produce varied suggestions. 

For instance, if you are a huge fan of Indian movies, you can create a profile that is dedicated solely to artsy documentaries and Sundance debuts so that Netflix will send you suggestions based on that particular algorithm.

Switch up your Subtitles

Netflix allows you to not only disable or enable captions, subtitles, and alternate audio for different movies and TV shows but also to change the appearance of the subtitles, including the size, font style, and shadows. Click on “Account” and head over to “My Profile” then select Subtitle appearance to customize the subtitles to your liking. 

Unblock Restricted Content with a VPN

One of the biggest challenges with streaming services is that your geographical location determines the content you watch. However, you don’t have to worry, as you can use a Netflix VPN to unlock these restrictions and watch the same content available in the US while you are anywhere in the world.

Download to Watch Offline

Are you wondering what will keep you busy and entertained on your next 10-hour flight? Netflix’s download feature makes it easy to watch your favorite movies and shows on the go. You’ll, however, need to get a mobile app to be able to do that. Search for downloadable content by heading over to the menu option, clicking on “Available for Download,” or using the download symbol next to the particular title you want to download. You’ll have to do this when you still have an internet connection.

Request Titles

Can’t find your preferred movie or TV show? Netflix is always looking for new content and has created a useful online request form to allow users to directly reach out to them to request a particular movie or TV series.

Netflix knows how to cater to all your family entertainment needs. But, you have to twerk things a little to be able to have an exciting viewing experience. The above tips should help you have the best streaming time on this platform.

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