5 Essentials to Have the Most Relaxing Weekend

5 Essentials to Have the Most Relaxing Weekend

Alright let’s start by saying, if 2020 has been a struggle for you, you aren’t alone. You may be experiencing the working from home blues, the “I haven’t been able to travel in months woes”, or you might just be ready for to go somewhere besides the grocery store. Regardless of what it is, it might be time to take care of yourself and enjoy a relaxing weekend! Allow yourself the time to not think about your customers, or that big move you have coming up. You can focus on you, your mental health, and working toward your best self.

  • Bath Bombs

If you haven’t jumped on the bath bomb train, what have you been waiting for? Lush has a bath bomb to satisfy everyone no matter their bathing wants and need. Want the bathtub to become a blue sparkling ocean? Done. Want one that with help you relax while smelling like Christmas? Okay! Or what about one that will help you to relax even more and help to get you to sleep? You got it, dude. Lush has all of those plus more. You can just soak and relax, read, or scroll your phone while these bad boys do all the fizzy work for you.

  • Face Mask

Since you have been wearing a face covering in public, the time has come to treat those pores to some much-needed pampering. If you want a cruelty-free, ultra-hydrating, works on all types of skin, face mask, Glossier’s Moisturizing Moon Mask is the one for you. It is creamy, dreamy, and will take care of the driest skin out there. It is made with the best ingredients like licorice root, lemon extract, honey, aloe, and sweet almond oil, so you can majorly relax knowing what you are putting on your skin is not only good for you, but it is natural too!

  • Cooler Bag

We know during this time you have worked hard to really make your place a home. You’ve decluttered, cleaned everything, and gone through every space imaginable. But, if you want to get out of the house, to get your relaxation on, go out for a drive! Pack your favorite drinks and snacks into cooler bags from Igloo Coolers and get on your merry way! Igloo Coolers has backpacks, totes, and even a fanny pack cooler bag, all outfitted to keep your stuff cool for the day! Your drinks and snacks will stay cold, and you can keep your cool by refreshing your mind outside of your home.

  • Theragun 

If you have stubborn knots in your neck and shoulders, and you haven’t been able to make it to the masseur, give yourself an at home massage! Therabody’s Theragun options will take your weekend (and your body) from tense to relaxed in seconds. They believe that, “everybody deserves to feel better and live life on their own terms” and we couldn’t agree more. Your health and well-being shouldn’t be suffering during this time. You have to take it into your own hands (literally), and start working toward a looser, stronger, more relaxed you.

  • Weighted Blanket

Whether you are laying on the couch, in bed, or you have found yourself in a blanket fort, we hope that lots of blankets and pillows are involved. If you want a blanket that is going to be the cheery on top, though, a weighted blanket is the one for you. It will be the key to relaxing your entire body, in no time. Weighted blankets are proven to reduce stress and anxiety by using “deep pressure stimulation” which simulates the feeling of being hugged or held. This increases serotonin and melatonin all while decreasing cortisol levels. It will also majorly improve your sleep quality, which will help you to finally get the rest you deserve.

Wrapping Up: Creating a Perfect, Relaxing Weekend

We hope that whatever you decide to do to help your relaxation, that it will truly help you to feel better, take a much-needed break, and get you back to feeling great and in tip top shape! Remember, in order to perform at your best, you need to take both small and long breaks from work and other stresses. So, try to incorporate a routine that allows you some breathing room.

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