Anthem’s Cataclysm event is back


Anthem is neck-deep in challenges, one challenge after another, and now another one. The game will be returning with another Cataclysm event along with updates for the Season of Skulls. Now the players will have a new Freeplay event to… of course play, new data archives, and a 250% i.e., 2.5x chance to get a legendary item out of a war chest, and the now the Mass Salvage will be available on all the inventory management screens.

EA said:

“New Features

  • The Cataclysm is back with updates for the Season of Skulls. The higher your score, the more seasonal currency you will be awarded to spend at the seasonal store.
  • New Season of Skulls Freeplay events. Successfully finish three of these events in one Freeplay session to spawn a boss encounter.
  • Learn more about Season of Skulls lore through a scavenger hunt and new data archives.
  • Mass Salvage is now available on all inventory management screens.
  • The chance to obtain a legendary item from a war chest has increased by 250%
  • A Legendary-Only War Chest has been added to the Seasonal Store.”

And now, the higher your score, the more seasonal currency you will get that you could spend at the seasonal store. Oh.. and yes, the Anthem’s mess up with the Crystals in which the crystals obtained by the players during the “Echoes of Reality” season were all wiped out forever was addressed by EA’s Jesse Anderson in an obscure tweet which might infuriate many players around the world. Here is what he said, “Also, you’ll probably want to spend any crystals you’ve got leftover from the Cataclysm before maintenance..…” After the company messed up big time, this kind of reply was not expected, let alone an apology. This returning of the Cataclysm event might just make up for the Crystal loss.

Harsh Vardhan

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