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Blue Hill Platform, The Visionary Trading Service

Blue Hill Platform, The Visionary Trading Service

One of the objectives of the Blue Hill Mining Project is the development of the Blue Hill Platform for the mining industry. Given their actual new configuration of the BHF-Token as the Utility Token, they have started the development of the Blue Hill Platform in four stages. 

Firstly, as a gentle reminder “what is the Blue Hill Platform”? The platform will be a commercial meeting space (central hub) for all participants in the long and complex production chain of the mining industry. The main focus of the platform is the peer to peer service connecting small to medium mining companies, transport, distribution, logistics companies, mineral treatment centres, insurers, banks, as well as smelters and final consumers, which in turn negates the use of middlemen and enables the confirmation (lock up) of orders in the mining sector. 

Blue Hill Platform will be governed under the blockchain technology by applying the benefits of traceability and tracking of the minerals mined, as well as ensuring ethical practices and fair trade. 

How is the BHF-Token related to the Blue Hill Platform? BHF-Token has become much more relevant in the project, since this Utility Token will be the key to access the services and benefits of the Blue Hill Platform in all its phases. You will only be able to access the Blue Hill Platform if you are a BHF-Token holder. 

What are the 4 phases of the Blue Hill Platform? The development of the platform is projected to be carried out in a modular way. The assembling from the very base of issuance and distribution of tokens up to daily trading with all the legal and commercial transactions necessary between all users. 

The development of the 4 phases include: 1st stage: BHF-Token Issuing and distribution. The BHF-Token is the only way to have access to the Blue Hill Platform, a kind of “Membership Club”. The BHF-Tokens will be issued and distributed via the Blue Hill Platform. 

2nd stage: BHM-Token Issuing and distribution. The BHM-Tokens can only be acquired in the Blue Hill Platform. 

3rd stage: Traceability and Tracking. Introducing the function of traceability and tracking that will allow multinational companies to be able to trace and ensure ethical mining practices. This will not only certify its origins but able all users to track the order at their convenience. 

4th stage: Trading and other services. The final stage of the Blue Hill Platform is the development of the peer to peer professional service, allowing certified mine-companies, smelters, logistic companies, banks and multinational companies to lock up orders as well as take advantage of transparent and direct trading.

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