Google I/O canceled: they will be saving lives this time

Google IO canceled they will be saving lives this time

Google is making a smart choice during these Coronavirus-troubled times. They’ve opted to cancel all in-person Google I/O 2020 events. The show will still go on, but it will just be virtual. Learn about the future of Android from the comfort of your own home in May.

OnePlus may usually launch phones later in the year than this, but it looks like the OnePlus 8 series could be here in about a month. This series could be an interesting one, as we have speculation for a OnePlus 8 Lite as well. The top-of-the-line OnePlus 8 should compete with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S20, but the Lite should still pack a punch for half the price. We at least hear about a 90Hz display, 5G connectivity, and a MediaTek chipset.


Sundar Pichai tweeted how Google is working to be helpful to our employees, users, partners, customers & communities.


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Google Pixel 4 Gets ‘Require Eyes to Be Open’ Face Unlock Setting, but does it works?

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