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Hearing X3 Review – Zenith Labs Natural Hearing Health Restore Supplement


Speak a little bit louder, continuously rising TV volume, couldn’t understand clearly when speaking on phone, in a busy restaurant don’t get who is saying and what is saying. Facing all these issues in daily life gives signal that hearing is getting decline. There are many reasons that involved in the hearing problems including the restricted blood vessels. Auditory nerves couldn’t peak the vibrations as the hair cells insides the ear drum get harden, or cochlea couldn’t receive enough nourishment. Oxidation causes the damage to cells all these factors and many other responsible for declined hearing. By adding a supplement that helps to overcome all these issues could helps in getting hearing back.

Several researches and studies find out the imbalance in dietary supplement is one of the reason other than loud noises in the decline of hearing in older folks. As the imbalance in dietary supplement cause problem in hair cells inside ear drum when don’t get enough nourishment. Hearing problems also occur due to blocking of blood vessels that restricted blood flow.

Also when ears exposed to noise above 85 decibels that is above safe zone, hair cells inside cochlea start corroding and need a lubrication substance to get back. 

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What is Zenith Labs Hearing X3?

Hearing X3 by Zenith Labs work exactly as a lubricant that helps to overcome corrosion on iron rod. It is a supplement that helps to provide nourishing environment for hair cells inside cochlea and moist them. As a result the moist hair cells become soften and repair hearing back. It helps in the improvement of blood circulation by flushing out toxins and crud dispose. It contains a vasodilator and immune system booster that dilates the blood vessels and eases the blood circulation inside ear drum and cochlea and also removes toxins and cruds that decline hearing.

How Zenith Labs Hearing X3 works?

It contains multivitamins, multi-minerals and anti-oxidants. It helps getting decline hearing back by reducing the factors that involved in causing hearing problem.

 It acts as vasodilator and opens restricted blood vessels that are how it improves blood circulation. It helps to get inner ear nourished by opening blood vessels and capillaries as well as flush off toxins.

Secondly inside ear drum it keeps hair cells soft and nourished that helps the auditory nerves in picking up of vibrations.

It also plays a vital role in the regeneration of blood vessels protective layer that helps cochlea to work in healthy state by receiving more nourishment.

It also acts as anti-oxidant and retrieves as well as oxygenates unhealthy cells that have been damaged because of oxidation.

Key ingredients and dose

Hearing X3 is prepared with natural ingredients that are extracted from pure, natural and organic sources.  It contains multivitamins, multi-minerals and anti-oxidants that improve hearing.

The key ingredients backed with strong research include Gingko Biloba, works as an invisible protected shield deep inside the cochlea. It improves blood circulation by flushing out toxins and dilates blood vessels and capillaries to ease the blood flow to the hair cells and nourish them. Its properties for hearing aid have been discovered by German doctor Willmar Schwabe in ‘60s. It works 82% more efficiently as vasodilator than any other vasodilator.

Gotu Kola is another key element that is added in the supplement to add its efficacy and potency. It helps to open the tiny blood capillaries and those very little blood vessels that providing blood deep inside the cochlea, and ultimately helps to control age related decline in hearing. It actually helps in microcirculation to improve hearing.

L-5-MTHF acts as anti-inflammatory agent that helps to enhance the blood flow in inner ear by reducing the inflammation in blood vessels.

Vitamin B12 helps to decrease homocysteine and helps blood circulation.

Only 2 powerful capsules a day could helps in getting hearing back. Regular use is highly recommended to improve hearing. A small capsule contains all the ingredients that improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation, enhance blood flow, flush out toxins and deep inside nourish the cochlea and soften the hair cells. 

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Benefits of Zenith Hearing X3

Helps in the reduction of oxidative damage of hearing that happened because of loud noise

Helps the inner cells and cochlea to receive vibrations by increasing blood flow

Plays vital role in washing out toxins and cruds that cause stiffness or killed inner hair cells of ear that reduce ability of hearing a noise under certain decibels

Homocysteine and cytokines created blood vessels inflammation and oxidative cells damage can be protected as it increases glutathione levels that act as protective shield.

Will improve hearing that helps in interacting more confidently without hearing aids

Reduces the swelling and inflammation of blood vessels lining and ease the supply of important nutrients 

Available in different packages

Don’t burden pocket, very cheap

Money back guarantee

Zero side effects


Zenith Labs Hearing X3 is very pocket friendly unlike other supplement available for hearing it is not very expensive where as available in far low prices where as quality, efficacy and effectiveness not compromised at all. Many products available in market as hearing supplement but either they are not as effective as shown or are very expensive that burden pocket.

This supplement won’t burden pocket as available in pocket friendly packages

Package 1 for 30 days

Offer 1 bottle costs $49/ bottle and save $30

Package 2 for 90 days

Offer 3 bottles costs $39/ bottle and save $120

Package 3 for 180 days

Offer 6 bottles costs $33/bottle and save $ 276 with free shipment

Restore Your Hearing Health With Zenith Labs Hearing X3

Final Verdict

Zenith Hearing X3 is a miraculous supplement for decline hearing. It improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation and wash off toxins and cruds that is how it helps overcoming hearing problems. It is very pocket friendly and don’t burden pocket as available in different packages where as package 3 also offers free shipment. Offering money back guarantee for those who don’t get satisfied with results, it doesn’t cause any side effects. All the ingredients extracted from natural and pure sources and backed with strong research.

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