Is Now a Good Time to Open Your Own Medical Practice?


Many medical professionals aim to eventually open their own practice. If you work for someone else, there’s only so far you can go, so it’s no wonder you might want to strike out and go it alone. The problem is, working for someone else is a lot different to running a practice. The latter requires a lot more work and people management, although it can also bring greater rewards. Is now the time to take the plunge and go it alone?

You’ll need to invest in equipment, property and more

One thing that can put people off going into practice alone is that it can get expensive. There’s no getting around it, you will need a large amount of money to go it alone. But there are ways to cut the cost. Using medical logistics from Rhenus High Tech, you can cut the price of having equipment delivered. You occasionally buy an existing practice as a turn-key operation, which gives you most of what you need, although you may still need to upgrade older equipment, especially over time.

An internet presence is also important

Nowadays, people mostly use online methods for finding a doctor or therapist, so you’ll need to make sure your practice is online and on social media. You should look at hiring a professional to ensure best practice in web design, so your site is clear and easy to use. Remember, your website is a reflection of your practice, so make sure you keep your website functioning and ensure it looks professional, so it represents your brand in a positive way. 

Running a practice means more responsibility

When you work for someone else, a lot of the day-to-day running of the practice doesn’t need to be dealt with by you, so you may not realize the work that goes into it. 

You will need to deal with:

  • Recruiting and retaining staff
  • Dealing with patient complaints
  • Ensuring everything runs smoothly
  • Dealing with accounts and budgets

While you are likely to make more money with your own practice than a salaried job, you’ll have to understand the breadth of new responsibilities this will bring.

Hiring the right people is key

Of course, you won’t be completely alone when you run your practice. If you get the right staff, your life will be much easier. Hiring a practice manager is a good start, as they’ll oversee a lot of the admin and complicated day-to-day things that you will want to delegate. This can also be useful if you’re going to have an admin team and need someone who can train them and sort out the systems, while you focus on patient care.

Is it time for you to start your own practice? Only you can truly know when the time has come. Whether you’ve outgrown your current role and need a new challenge, or simply want more independence on a day-to-day basis, running your own practice gives you so many more options and can help boost your earnings in the long term too.

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