The Single Man’s Lifestyle: How Cool Guys Live

Lifestyle of a single man

While it seems to be perfectly natural for couples to stay together, there is a growing number of singles that prefer casual relationships that allow them to retain their freedom and independence. The girls hang around in groups, while the average single UK guy has a very different lifestyle and gets around on his treasured street bike. The latest generation of superbikes offer thrills and adventure for the rider who is brave enough to step up to the plate and when compared to the cost of running a car, you spend a fraction on the two-wheel option.

Motor Racing

The chances are that the cool guy is into motor racing of some sort; it might be F1, or more likely the iconic MotoGP racing, or even off-road dirt biking and during the hot summer bank holiday weekends, the bike enthusiast is always in the crowd. If you would like to take a look at some of the amazing superbikes on offer today, Wheels Sport Motorcycles have all the best machines, both new and used. You won’t find the cool man driving a car in the summer, rather he is out on his stylish superbike that can hit 60mph is a couple of seconds!

Inclined to Nature

Trends seem to go around in circles and we are all looking to nature to soothe the stress of these difficult times and there are some great venues in the UK. The New Forest, Lake District, Norfolk Broads and the Yorkshire Moors, to name but a few of the stunning regions we have here in the United Kingdom. Click here if you are looking for some fashion tips for the coming 2021 summer.

Digital Photography

Most single guys are into photography and would likely own a nice Canon or Nikon SLR camera they use to capture experiences. In a matter of minutes, he can be home from work, showered, changed and off on the bike to one of his favourite places where he can experiment with his camera. Drones enable you to capture stunning video that would otherwise be impossible and a lot of single guys are seriously into drones.

Digital Nomads

More and more young people are turning to digital solutions to earn a living and this isn’t restricted to men, indeed, there are many young women who make a very good living selling products online. The number of single people living in Bangkok, for example, is high, as Thailand is one of the favourite destinations for digital nomads who can do their work from any location.

Travelling is popular among the singles and some guys will think nothing of loading up their bike and touring Europe, and why not? There is much to see and do when you ride a big bike, which enables you to experience other cultures.

More and more young people are opting to travel and gain some worldly experience and not being tied down by a romantic relationship makes it all possible. People are marrying later, indeed, many couples prefer to live together without the commitment of marriage.

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