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Portuguese insurtech create a new “phy-gital” assistant that is revolutionizing insurance market

Portuguese insurtech create a new "phy-gital" assistant that is revolutionizing insurance market

Today more than ever, uncertainty is a reality for everyone. Still dealing with an unprecedented health crisis in the last 100 years, we are beginning to understand the importance of having an emergency fund and protecting our income.

We know that in the front line of the impacts, there are the economic issues, in a scenario like these the fintech and insurtech, started to play an even more relevant role. We had already seen the payment world being changed by companies like PayPal or Square, at online banking Revolut, N26, and Nubank, they changed the customer experience.

In personal finance and financial literacy brands like Mint, Planning4Life helps people to have personal finances organized and to better manage their money.  But in this time of confinement due to covid19, insurtech and insurance and financial product comparators gain great relevance, whether it is helping people to reduce costs or be better protected. Thus, insurtechs like Wefox, HiSonia, or Credit Karma, are becoming quite relevant and transforming the way people interact with insurance and personal finance. Putting your money in any insurance plan will make your life tension-free and give security in advance. You will find the best Insurance for your needs very difficult as you may find a lot of companies providing and promising dreams. However, you need a single place where you are searching and compare the best Insurance according to your needs and trustable company capable of solving your problem fast.

HiSonia is a reputed insurtech company, which means that people can buy and have access to all of their insurance on their phone.

  • Be Smart and Buy Safety in Advance: One never knows about the uncertainty of life, and it will throw off surprises at you when you least expect it. To be fully prepared to face these surprises, Insurance is essential. For example, a life insurance plan will safeguard your loved once and their financial needs in case some unfortunate happens. You don’t want your family to be left alone in such a hard time, and in your absence, the life insurance will rescue your family. Along with life cover, you will also get maturity benefits that lead to significant savings for the future.


  • Secure your future goals: You must be having a stable and steady presence as you have an excellent job or fixed source of income, and that is good, but what will happen if you face the end of your life all of a sudden? Will your family’s future safes and their needs will be fulfilled in your absence? There are a lot of term insurance plans that come handy, and if you want to Insurance consulting over the phone and do check out HiSonia subscription packages. You can join HiSonia buy subscribing to one of their packs. They will help you to find the best-tailored subscription package to secure the future of your family and will help fulfill their financial necessities. Term insurance plans are one of the life insurance plans that offers life coverage to the person who took the insurance for a fixed term with very affordable and low cost.


  • Peace of Mind: You can live a joyful life and can easily manage the risks that you face in your everyday life. Securing your life with Insurance and ensure you live tension free from now. Just not life insurance, but you can consider taking Insurance on anything such you care about the most such as a house, car, etc. As the cost of maintenance and repair to such things are becoming very costly hence taking Insurance will be preferred.


  • Encourage Savings: Taking Insurance is another great way to invest. Insurance plans facilitate systematics saving by allocating funds in the form of premium every month or year. And at the end of your policy term, the policyholder can reap the benefits by getting a lump sum payout. Insurance also encourages savings by reducing your expenses in the long run. It is also an excellent tax-saving tool that surely helps you reduce your taxes. HiSonia gives you financial advice about the best insurance opportunities, so they can save money.


  • Manage your risks smartly: Insurance leads the taker effective risk management in life. The main enemy is the uncertainty in life, and it can come anytime. With proper Insurance, you manage these uncertainties in life or short more can be dealt with a valid insurance policy.

​This kind of transformation can make a big difference to gain financial confidence and peace of mind to upper coming unexpected events in the future. Insurances and personal finances aren’t an expense, they are a guarantee for your future and your Independence. There are a variety of insurances for your protection and many ways to achieve financial independence, but it depends on each person of how they want to be protected and achieve financial independence, the simple and fast way or the hard way. The easy way probably is to choose an insurance assistant and a financial coach.

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