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Radwan Omar – Successful Digital Marketing Entrepreneur at age of 21


Born in Finland, Radwan Omar is a digital entrepreneur, an influencing public figure, a travel junkie who always travel once in a month right where his passion lies, and founder of 25 million followers media company called “Femanji”.

He entered in this field with the courage to do something through social media. So, he started and dedicated his all struggle in marketing with his steady inclination towards setting up his own business. He said, “Sometime when i am free I used to play golf which makes me fresh.”

He runs a marketing firm that provides advertisement, social media marketing services to the clients. It also provides logo design services, website development, and maintenance, training and consulting.

He is also planning to mark his presence to invest in other ventures in the near future.  He has also been a pioneer in the affiliate marketing industry with an inclination towards helping and supporting others financially. Holding multiple successes, he holds numerous cards to generate and grow income, and guide others towards the same.

The biggest challenge for him as he always had a fear of what the people think about him. He would spend time trying to decode their thoughts and that’s what demotivated him at times. He learned his lessons and understood that people will always have opinions about you. People will always judge a book by its cover. The point is whom to take seriously?

He understood that if you really want something in life, go after it and slay it in style. Competition should be healthy and insecurity should never overpower the path to success. Be aggressive, and dominate- this is the best way to face life in the 21st century. You’ll be rewarded with financial freedom, emotional stability, and work-life balance. He said, “My journey isn’t exactly about Radwan Omar or Femanji, but the millions of entrepreneurs who have at some point seemed unconscious about the next step to take. The journey might be tedious, but it could have a beautiful ending regardless. And I am bent on making that a reality for as many entrepreneurs as possible.”

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