Russia sending plane filled with medical equipment to US

Following a telephone discussion between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday;

Russia is sending the United States a plane full of medical instruments as support to contest the Coronavirus.

According to quoting Russian news agency TAS; The Russian Embassy post on its social media channels on Tuesday:

“Russia already send a plane with medical instruments and safety equipment to the US.

The flight was departing Wednesday morning, as a Russian TV state.

It comes after Trump’s hint, without much setting, that Russia is sending some kind of medical aid to his Monday Coronavirus mission force meeting.

Trump stated;

“And I want to say; we have a very good association with several countries.” “China donate some material that was amazing. Russia sent us a lot of stuff, a huge plane, medical tools that are very nice.”

According to the Russian embassy’s Twitter accounts Tuesday;

It is to prevent deadly casualties in sending aid to the United States, which the White House estimates have 100,000 to 240 000. 

It stated; 

“The important thing is that, when donating help to American colleagues, President Putin has the thoughts that when medical equipment makers get stress, they can respond if required. 

The Post quoted Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov;

“Due to the worse US pandemic condition, the Russian side offered medical supplies and defensive equipment.”
The Russian Embassy’s Facebook post states that Putin suggests help to Trump during the call.

The Russian Foreign Ministry published the insides of the aircraft and its take-off video early Wednesday morning. A piece of information about a call between Trump and Putin issued by the White House on Monday has no reference of any conversation of Russian medical support to the US.

Readout Red;
“President Trump and President Putin conversed modern progress and hard work to tackle the Coronavirus outburst.” Settled to launch an international campaign, both leaders also conversed on important bilateral and worldwide problems. “President Putin also agreed on the significance of worldwide constancy in energy markets.

Teamwork between the two countries has come to the fore in recent years due to pressures between Russia and the United States. It was also due to Russia’s expansionist tendencies, a threat to US associates, electoral interfering, and others.

The White House also did not directly send an appeal for comment via Fox News.

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