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The 2019 Apple iPhone 11 series smartphones are taking the battle to the next level


The 2019 Apple iPhone 11 series smartphones are taking the battle to the next level

The first iPhone with triple cameras did create a lot of stir across the world after its imminent unveil. Phil Schiller, the marketing chief of Apple, did speak a few things about the ability of the device to curate the perfect scenario for photography. According to Schiller, Apple did weave eight distinctive exposures by capturing the main shot. Schiller also said that the camera of the iPhone 11 Pro is the combination of mad science and computational photography.

When the user presses the shutter button, the phone takes a long exposure. In a single second, the neural engine of the device analyzes the combination of short and long images. Later it picks the best shot of the picture; and it seems like a lot is going on in the background. By the looks of it, selecting the perfect picture is not the easy part. The neural engine selects the pixels of the picture and then chooses them pixel by pixel.

Furthermore, it goes through almost 24 million pixels for finally delivering a vivid image with less noise. Schiller said that Apple calls this feature as “Deep Fusion” and the feature heads to the 11-series iPhones after fall.

Apple did take a long time to curate the best triple-camera setup

It is quite like the technical digression which in the previous years were not reserved for Sir JonyIve. It is JonyIve who did provide the best design for Apple products to date. The 11 series iPhone have the precision aluminum milling process which produces the clean lines of the iPhone. However, things seem a little different as Schiller is leading the new production team for photography. The credit goes to the AI software as well as a robust silicon chipset.

The battleground of the smartphone industry did change significantly since the last few years. Now, the cameras are moving inside the phone, and also there is an efficient AI software that powers them. Moreover, the special chips also play a crucial role in making the phone look the way it is looking now. Julie Ask said that it is the cameras and the displays in the smartphones that sell them. Ask is the principal analyst and vice president of Forrester.

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The third lens on the phone is the game-changer

Apple did also bring a third lens of the iPhone 11 Pro model as a rival to the like of Huawei and Samsung. By the looks of it, this is the first-ever time that Apple came up with the triple camera setup, which is very common in the mid-range and flagship devices. However, Apple did also manage to put a little gift inside of the phone, such as the robust night mode.

The photographers would say that the low-light photography in iPhone 11 Pro models is the best. Some of the experts are also suggesting that now people will not carry their DSLR cameras like the old days. The Bionic A13 chipset and the specs of the phone are more than enough to bring down most of the Android smartphone. The neural engine in iPhone 11 is responsible for carrying out intelligent tasks, and it will also make the phone better to use.

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