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The lightening of Apple is out as EU votes for a universal charger for all mobile devices

The lightening of Apple is out as EU votes for a universal charger for all mobile devices

The European Parliament has polled a vote to have a universal charger for all mobile devices.

It means to finish the line for the lightning charger of Apple in the EU. 582 to 40 votes passed this resolution. It will be adopted by July 2020.

Europe is going to take this step to reduce e-waste. But Apple claimed that changing iPhones from Lighting to USB-C connectors may cause a massive amount of electronic waste because it can make the accessories of the company outdated.

Apple further said:

“More than 1 billion Apple devices have shipped using a Lightning connector in addition to an entire ecosystem of accessory and device manufacturers who use Lightning,” Apple said last week. Apple previously made its accessories obsolete when it switched from its 30-pin connector to Lightning in 2012.

Micro-USB was initially acknowledged the average in 2010, with Apple obeying through providing connecters for its docks. Through the existing swing to USB-C charging, currently, Apple USB-C connectors in its MacBook and iPad Pro plans, but the iPhone endures depending on Lightning.

Apple did not respond instantly to a request for the statement.

European Parliament members voted in the support to introduce one universal charging method for mobile phones, which was opposed by Apple. European members will now desire the European commissioner to implement new rules.

Iphone old cables

USB-C charger is usable for android phones, but the lightning cable is usable for iPhones. Apple has claimed that a universal standard would stifle revolution and make e-waste.

European politicians are campaigning for the past decade for the universal standard. According to EC estimates, obsolete cables produce over 51000 tonnes of waste every year. There were over thirty, unlike chargers in the market in 2009.

Apple responded: “Rules that would drive conformism crossways the sort of connector developed into all smartphones embargo novelty rather than inspire it.”

Over one billion have shipped consuming lightning connector additionally an entire ecosystem of accessory and device producers who use Lightning to offer our collective consumers.

We desire to assure that any new legislation will not outcome in the shipment of any needless cables or exterior adopter with all devices. Or extract obsolete the devices and accessories which are used by several million people of Europe and hundreds of millions of Apple consumers from all over the world.

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