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The Truth About PG Accommodations in Bangalore

The Truth About PG Accommodations in Bangalore

Moving to a new city, a lot of youngsters have stars in their eyes – new hopes of a new life that will emerge from the glamour of these new places. If you are someone who has been there, you know that this is the view through rose-tinted glasses and a reality check is just around the corner. We are talking about having to find a decent place to stay, managing finances that might seem to be dipping every month, and navigating your daily living needs amidst a hectic lifestyle – the uncertainties that can bog your ‘PG life’. Paying Guest accommodation being the ‘economical’ choice for many, there is always the trepidation of having to adjust to nosy landlords, small spaces, and just bare necessities for daily living. Traditionally, PG in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, or any metro cities has come short on consumer expectations.

Of course, this is not the case with well-managed accommodation who are known to uphold the quality of living for residents with a particular focus on creating a hassle-free and comfortable vibe. For the rest, here are some dark truths about paying guest accommodation in Bangalore

The Money Monopoly: Many paying guest accommodation often glides over the difference between rent charges and amenities provided. A lot is spoken about the quality of the services, the ace facilities, and ‘the great atmosphere’ that the PG offers. However, there is more than meets the eye in these cases, and residents often end up paying more than they agreed. The best way to avoid this situation is to check the reviews or get in touch with someone who has been there to get the real inside scoop. 

Unlicensed PGs: Now this is a scary prospect. Many PGs in Bangalore are unlicensed, which makes them apathetic to any responsibilities or unforeseeable circumstances. Illegal PGs are unsafe and often can be the hub of illicit activities that jeopardize the lives of those living in those PGs. Often these also turn out to be buildings where safety norms – fire safety, construction safety, etc aren’t followed. Further, being illegal buildings, there is also the fear of sealing by local authorities, which can leave you homeless. 

False promises: So you were promised a single room with a bed and a television in your room? Well, now you either have to pay the extra cash or share the room with someone else. This scenario is prevalent in many PGs where the wardens and owners often backtrack from their word and put the residents in a fix where they either end up compromising on their comfort or shell out extra cash. The deposit amount is often not returned to many under the false notions of breakage charges as well. Needless to say, don’t forget to sign a rent agreement that captures all details of your discussion to avoid any random charges.

The Uncertain Security Measures: There have been instances when people have walked into their respective PGs or rooms to find an unfamiliar face in their room at inappropriate hours. While many Girls PG in Bangalore do have a proper security system in place, some just don’t care. It is easy to dodge the security personnel and enter the restricted premises that downplay the safety of those living there. 

Living in PGs is not often the most appealing of situations, especially as consumers have to adjust to limited options for the sake of having an economical option. Therefore, it is essential to conduct the right research before moving in bag and baggage. This is even more critical now with the ongoing COVID crisis. For example, in the IT City of Bangalore, many employers have asked their employees to stay in the city while imposing nationwide work from home regulation. However, not everyone has the luxury of productivity and efficiency while working in their PGs as these PGs lack sufficient amenities like a reliable WiFI connection and uninterrupted electricity. The missing infrastructure is impacting the work-life of many of its inhabitants. 

Against the backdrop of all these issues faced by consumers, modern managed accommodations have come up as a robust alternative to the traditional PG. Operated by professional players, these spaces are designed to prioritize consumer comfort by ensuring a fully-managed, amenity-rich consumer experience. What’s more, with transparent policies on rent collection, rent agreement, etc, they deliver what is promised and that too in a cost-effective manner.  So now you know the truth about PG hunting, be careful about choosing the right place to stay. 

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