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Where are ecoATMs Near Me?


40 years ago (i.e. 1980) a personal computer was mostly unheard of and those that did exist on desks were as heavy as a personal safe. 20 years ago (2000) personal computers were moving into the laptop world with laptops and Blackberries, but no one fully expected the full-blown Internet to fit in someone’s pocket.

Today, the typical smartphone has more capacity and calculation power than the entire computer power of the United States in 1970. The speed at which our technology continues to grow and develop continues to shrink and move faster, but it’s also creating a significant amount of material that becomes useless faster as well.

This is where ecoATM comes into play. Their recycling kiosks, easily found in local Walmart stores, provide an easy way to recycle old phones and liquidate them for new cash. And being located at a local Walmart makes it pretty simple in terms of finding ecoATMs given that Walmart is pretty much available in every medium to big town across the U.S.What Am I Looking For to Find an ecoATM?

The typical ecoATMs near me will be situated near the Walmart main entrance, typically where you can find similar kiosks for renting movies, vending toys for kids, and similar. You don’t need to enter the Walmart store itself or buy anything from it. The kiosks are usually positioned in the lobby entrance next to the sliding doors after the shopping cart storage area right outside the sliding doors.

The ecoATM is entirely self-contained and operates within itself without needing any assistance from a clerk or you’re having to deal with a Walmart employee to access it. Just wait your turn if someone else is busy at the kiosk and give them some space as a courtesy. Then, when ready, walk up to the kiosk, follow the instructions on the system, and cash in your old phone or tech device.

Do I Have to go to Different Kiosks for Different Devices?In a word, no. The ecoATM takes multiple devices from smartphones to tablets to MP3 players. Whether you’re recycling a very old iPad or an Android type phone or a Samsung tablet, you will be able to submit these devices and find out how much you can sell them for with the same kiosk.What is ecoATM, the company?

ecoATM is an American company headquartered in San Diego, CA. They have been operating and installing their ecoATM kiosks around the country via a partnership with Walmart. The company buys all types of mobile devices. Those that can be used are resold to other markets where they are useful and can be functional for new customers.

Markets like those in the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa are consuming used phones by the thousands as mobile banking is quite popular in these regions where traditional finance doesn’t work.

Those devices that can’t be recycled well are disposed of properly, and their components are recycled safely. Believe it or not, there is quite a market for components and markets. ecoATM has been responsible for salvaging and recovering almost 765,000 pounds of metals from devices they have recycled, materials that can be re-used and re-circulated back into the industrial markets without having to harvest new materials out of the natural environment.

Of that recovery, ecoATM has recovered almost 1,600 pounds of gold, well over 16,000 pounds of silver, and an amazing 741,000 plus pounds of copper from old phones and mobile devices.

Remember the Key benefits when it comes to the included advantages, ecoATM is close by logistically, it pays right in person so there’s no waiting period or shipping back and forth, and the company helps the environment by redirected tech waste back into useful functions and forms instead of landfills. It’s really a win-win business solution that any consumer can take advantage of for personal benefit.

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