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Expat Experience in Vietnam

Expat Experience in Vietnam

The Country of Vietnam became infamous through its struggle for self-governance, during what the western world called the Vietnam war. The war was long lasting, and it took decades before the country was able to raise its standard of living and become competitive again. But if you didn’t know where to look, you would never guess the trials the country has gone through. Modern Vietnam is a rapidly developing nation with a positive outlook and every chance to become a top 5 economy in Asia. Because of Vietnam’s success, the doors have been opened to business opportunities. People from other nations are welcome to set up shop or join one of the growing local businesses. Vietnam now has a vibrant expat culture, and there are more arriving all the time. If you are thinking about moving to Vietnam here are some observations.

  • It’s Easy: Compared to some other countries in South-East Asia, that make you jump through nonsensical hoops and leave you to the whims of officials, Vietnam has clear-cut procedures and a minimum of red tape. However, they are firm on their policies, and if you don’t play by the rules, you will not get very far. If you set up a company in Vietnam you will need to use an agency to walk you through the process. Fortunately, there is already a good infrastructure in place to handle your business outsourcing needs, such as visas and tax. Services like Acclime’s payroll outsourcing in Vietnam can help with legal and bookkeeping concerns, so you will not need to become an expert in Vietnamese business practices overnight.
  • Expat Life: Most of the expats in Vietnam live in the major city centres. In these areas you will find a mix of Vietnamese and Western style restaurants. Years of colonisation have left many European flavours, so there are several pleasant surprises. For example, there is no better place to go for coffee than a Vietnamese café at the edge of a park. Many of the expats in Vietnam are teachers, but there are also business owners, and people who have married Vietnamese citizens and are now living their best life, between two worlds. It is also not uncommon to find citizens that speak English.
  • Shopping and Accommodations: There might not be as many stores that you will recognize in Vietnam, but you can get almost anything you want when you learn where to look. The upper class is very rich, and you will see luxury goods as often here as you would in Bangkok. And living accommodations are also available to whatever level of luxury you can afford. But there are also inexpensive accommodations that are comfortable and safe.

Vietnam has come a long way, and they seem to be doing a lot of things right, as their people are prospering, and their reputation on the world stage is in good condition. They also have done well to maintain their independence, as they have kept the influence of major world powers at arm’s length. Vietnam is one of the best places today to start the adventure of life and work in a different culture.

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