Mr and Mrs Bieber First Year Anniversary and We Still Can’t Get Over their Lovey-Dovey Pictures

Justin Bieber

The most talked couple of the town, Baby Song Hitmaker, Justin and her supermodel wife, Hailey Bieber! They tied the knot on 13th September 2018, in New York, secretly.

It’s been one year and we are yet to get over their all in-love pictures. Hailey once in an interview admitted to Vogue that, just like every other couple, they also have to work to fuel their relationship happy. She further added, “At the end of the day he is my best friend too. And, I never get sick of him.”

For your surprise, the couple is planning to have a second wedding in the most traditional way, this 30th September in South Carolina. Excited for this fairy-tale wedding?

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Well, who isn’t for this dreamy second wedding of the couple with the presence of their close family and friends!

Justin is a heart-throb and is dedicated to everything he does. Right from his love for music to Hailey, Justin has been a role model for every single thing.

Marking their first anniversary, we have some of their cutest moments together. Happy Anniversary to this evergreen couple! He has lots of cutest and sweetest, love-filled messages for Hailey Bieber so far! Let’s have look at all of them:

“Better at 70 Baby. I love you more every day. You challenge me, strengthen me and your overall way cooler than me and more awesome then I am. And I’m okay with that”, which girl wouldn’t love to hear such a head over heels kinda message from her only one!

We all were in awe after Justin quoted for Hailey, “I fall in love with you more every day. You are the greatest thing that has happened to me ever. I would be lost without you!”

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How about getting romantic in a mushy way? Yes! Justin aced it – “My lips get Jealous of my arms because I can hold you with my arms!” We can see that Baby Hitmaker definitely has hots for Hailey Bieber.

Little might you know that Justine has even shared a love note for Hailey Bieber. An excerpt from it read, “My love for you grows more and more sounds of the crickets a true meditation. I think about you as a Gods greatest creation. As I fall into this blissful state, I ponder on how you are my one true ‘SOULMATE’”.

Wishing the couple more years of mushy, puppy love and may you learn new things about each other every day, without getting tired!

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